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Please can anyone advise on the change point by engine or Gan number when the twin carb set changed from AUD 136 to AUD 327 on the Gan 4 MK3 midgets?
J Bond

UK cars, from 12CE-DA-H3021 to 3300 and 3401 onwards (May '68).

See page 117 of Original Sprite & Midget The Restorer’s Guide by Terry Horler –
Nigel Atkins

My car is a mid Jan 68 built Gan 4 Midget with a
12CE-DA-H/3** engine, fitted with AUD 136 twin carbs which appears to be the correct spec for the car according to the information in the Terry Horler book.
J Bond

The info was a bit here and there with a bit of crossing over and allowing for North American cars.

It also has page 100 -
. "The first generation of 1275cc engines carried the prefix 12CC, but this was replaced by the 12CE intermittently from HAN9-71937 and GAN4-60326 to HAN9-72670 and GAN4-61026 (December 1967), from which point all engines were of the 12CE type except for those for North America.
. "The 12CE and 12CD engines were painted in a lighter shade of green with a hammer finish."

and page 117 -
. 12CE-DA-874 (Feb 68) Water pump revised in parallel with 12CD 1745

. 12CD-DA-H-1745 (Feb 68) Revised water pump with larger diameter inlet stub, lubrication plug deleted. Revised bottom hose

Original Sprite & Midget The Restorer’s Guide by Terry Horler –
Nigel Atkins

The chassis number for my car is G-AN4/61***-G which fits in date wise with the information in the book.
J Bond

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