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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Hydraulic fluid

Sniffing around under the bonnet, I find that the PO has used this stuff for the clutch actuating mechansim - see pic.

Should I be worried? It states on the bottle use for Citroen self levelling, RR and Bentley use....cannot see a DOT3 or 4 mark anywhere.

Guess the worry is it will attack seals etc, but if it is mineral oil based may be OK...

comments welcome

Mark O

LHM is pretty common stuff over here (for obvious reasons - they like their Citroens). I've always been told never to use one in the place of the other), and I believe that the seals are the reason. LHM systems have specific seals (usually everything that needs or uses LHM is marked green or is green.

I've nothing to back this up, however :) maybe one of the more technically minded folk will come up with some evidence.
Philip Dodd

The fluid is green so see if the fluid in the master cylinder is green in colour. If it is, then I would recommend you change it as Comma says that it is not compatible with DOT type hydraulic fluids - so hope it's not been used in the braking system! Here is copy of Comma's technical information sheet taken from their website.

Peter B

Peter etc

Clutch System is probably 100% full of LHM as it bleeds totally green from the nipple, and is green in the master.

So - no mixing of fluids with DOT3 stuff

The question then is whether it will react unfavourably with the seals - which Comma so far, have been unable to answer.

It seems to operate well enough!
Mark O

I guess it worked so far... It will probably work okay till it dosnt work anymore....hahaha

Seriously...because its just a simple clutch system, and being that its there and does appear to be working, id stay with it, until its not working anymore then make the rebuild change back...who knows it might last 10 years....just dont cross mix
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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