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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Indicator buzzer problem

Hi all,
Saw the recent article in Classic Cars about fitting an audible buzzer as a tell tale that your indicators were flashing - having a midget and often forgetting to cancel them, I thought this was a good idea. Trouble is , my midget has a two pin flasher unit and the classic car article had a three pin flasher unit . Can anyone suggest how I could arrange this as I got a constant buzz when the indicators were not indicating, , but I got the intermittent buzz when the indicators were working.
Ummm...can anyone suggest how I could put this useful device into circuit properly?
The buzzer is a two lead ( pos / neg) effort.
cheers & thanks

PS Does anyone know of any MG or multi marque groups in the New Forest area as I'm moving shortly?
colin frowen


This can be done as follows..................

neg wire to earth.

Attach 2 wires to the positive. Obtain 2 diodes (maplins are good for these) attach these to your 2 wires.

Then attach these two wires to the left and right indicator circuits (green/white and green/red}.

You need the diodes, which can be looked at as one way valve, to keep the left and right circuits seperate.

The other way is to change the flasher unit for an older 3 pin type and use the P pin for the buzzer. Either method will work.

Hope that helps.

Regards Steve
SR Smith 1

It all depends how you have connected it already.

I haven't seen the article, so I don't know what they suggested.

One way you can connect it is directly to the two terminals of the flasher unit. Pos lead to the incoming 12v and neg to the output. No need for diodes or changing your flasher unit.
Dave O'Neill2

I found difficulty hearing the indicators with the hood down so I got a buzzer from Maplins and fitted it in parallel with the two pin flasher unit i.e. bent the flasher wires over the flasher terminals and pressed the connectors back on. This has worked fine for years. Only thing is it buzzes alternately with the indicator lights (i.e. buzz, light, buzz, light etc.) but that hardly matters. No diodes or complicated wiring - is this just a fluke or are some people making this way too complicated?
Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

Chris, no fluke.

That's just what I suggested above.

The buzz will be out of phase with the lights as there is no potential difference across the flasher terminals when closed (lights on) and with the terminals open the buzzer grounds through the bulbs.
Dave O'Neill2

Hi Guys,
Thanks all.
I bought a three pin flasher from Greg at Sussex Classic car parts and got my indicators going then just put the buzzer on the P terminal - Whoo Hoo ! It worked!
Thanks all - I can now cancel my indicators when I can't see the dashboard.
Cheers colin
colin frowen

Yep, that was the second method I suggested.

Glad you got it sorted!
SR Smith 1

Thought this sounded a good idea, I have a 3 pin flasher on a 66 Sprite. When the buzzer is connected between P and earth it sounds constantly and intermittently when indicators are operated. Any ideas?
Andy Potter

Just been looking at wiring diagram and reading above more carefully and I think connecting the buzzer between B and P or B and L will work. Can anyone confirm this is correct? Thanks.
Andy Potter

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