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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Indicator Stalk W/Hornpush

Getting a "honk honk" from the horn on my 1973 midget MK.3 is getting to be a problem(horns are ok)the culprit is the contact ring on the steering column an old enemy..
A stranger passing by commented "nice car I used to have a mini".An hour later he is back with a box of left over's from his mini day's.Goodies included locking petrol cap still in box and later type indicator/dip switch with horn push on the stalk.
Have any members used this type to bypass the horn push on the column.
Any advice would be most welcome on wiring this in.
Thanks for looking.
s johnson

some models of the Midget had this type of stalk switch with the horn as standard. If you look up the online catalogue on the Moss website you can see the change points. If you have a workshop manual( Haynes or BL) the wiring diagrams will show the difference between the two switch methods, IIRC it's pretty easy to convert from one to the other.
David Smith

I've got that sort of switch assembly in my frogeye, it came fitted with it when I got it and I like it. I don't think it's BMC, someone said he though it was Hillman Imp. It has got the matching indicator stalk on the other side of the wheel.
David Billington

Fitted one to an MGB GT to operate the window washer.
Easy peasy just connect the colours the same as on the old stalk and then your left with 2 wires.
Connect one to a switched power and the other to the horn (purple I think)
Then hoot away
Onno K

If you decide not to use it I'm in need of that type of stalk
richard weaver

You need to be careful with horn wiring.

Early cars had a switched ground, whereas later cars had switched live.
Dave O'Neill 2

Mine came with an indicator/horn button, original or not I don't know but I found that the contractor ring was still there for the horn push that was fitted to the aftermarket steering wheel, but no "pen", so I made up a contact from wire braid and have been happily using both to toot away for years.
Peter Blockley

My '71 Sprite came with that type of horn push as standard. The only problem the original steering wheel had been replaced with a smaller Moto-lite so the horn stalk/ flasher arm was too long compared to the wheel. I replaced it with one from a scrapyard mini which was a bit shorter and matched the smaller wheel correctly. Simple swap, as the mini fixings were identical to the Sprite although I suspect that later (still classic) minis used a different part.
Guy W

Later Minis - from late '70s onwards - used a completely different stalk arrangement, which included a stalk on the LH side for the wipers.
Dave O'Neill 2

WOW. What a great response and thanks to all for your contributions.
I will double check the pen and if I can get the column horn to work consistently I will look at K.Onno's tip and add the washer.
David is right about the Imp I had one in 78 but had to sell it due to a posting to Cyprus.Would you believe it nearly forty years later I was sat outside a pub near Darlington and watched it go past. Haven't seen it since.
Thanks again.
s johnson

My horn is on a separate push as my indicator stalk push is broken. The whole stalk is loose and I am loath to buy a 'wrong type' indicator stalk for my 78. Last time I looked around I could not get the right type. Anyone know suppliers doing this part new now?
Dave Squire

Dave, I couldn't find any suppliers for the late type stalk switchset. I gather they were only used in the last year or two of production, '78 on. (My car is April '78).

I got a good used one from eBay for 27 plus P&P, then repaired my existing one. There wasn't a lot wrong with it, just the High Beam contacts a bit tired. It's all good now that I fitted headlight relays.

So now I have a spare, complete and tested. Yours for what it owes me if it helps you.

Much appreciated if that's OK.
My contact details are:
davesquire at linkuptechnology dot co dot uk
Or dial 01949851830 which goes to my mobile / voice mail if I am not near the phone or let me have a contact for you and I will contact.

Thanks, Dave
Dave Squire

Hi Dave.

You have mail.

BTW I checked my eBay purchase record and found I paid 25 (not 27) + 5 postage and packing. Is that okay for you?

Would you like a photo for comparison?

If you want it I'll connect it up again to my car's loom and give it a final check just to verify that it's good. That's a two-minute test!



Hi Greybeard,

I have replied. I'm sure it will be the correct one from your description.

Btw my contact details are OK anytime.

Thanks, Dave
Dave Squire

Just to close this one out.....

I sent Dave the replacement switchset and he kindly sent me a cheque which arrived today. He seems to be happy with the part and I'm happy to have been able to help.

Dave's a proper gentleman. But you knew that didn't you?

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