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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - interior capping on 1974 RWA Midget

Hi Guys, great forum as usual, you have 100% record of helping me get the midget up to scratch don't let me down now, simple question, probably not simple answer, door capping, do I fit the tricky little catch pin type things onto the door first then slide on the capping, or fit them into the capping then offer them up to the door, which ever way it still looks a pig of a job, thanks

J Torrance

The last time I had these off I found that installing the front fastener in the door loosly and the rear one in the cap. Then I slid the cap onto the front retainer and aligned the rear retainer and installed the nut. A gear type wrench really works well on these.
Bill Young

Bill, I think that principle is right, except the square hole in the capping is at the rear so it needs to go on in the reverse sequence - fit a fastener into the rail and slide it up to the front, fit a second one loosely to the door at the rear, fit the rear of the rail onto it and then align and fasten the front one. Note that the doors are drilled for about 5 fasteners, but only 2 are actually needed. I think I used 3.

Guy Oneandahalf Sprites

Interesting. I think you guys are over complicating things!

When I installed mine, I simply installed the two captive "studs" into the slot, lined them up with the holes in the door and put it on.

I did need to have small (ish) hands to reach up and start the little nuts. Tightening them is greatly helped by using a 3/8" gearwrench (ratcheting box wrench).

Norm Kerr

Ditto the above. I fitted the square heads into the slot first, and then held the door cap in place while reaching behind the cap and sliding the screws until they matched the holes.

And I WISHED I had a gear wrench... I ran the nuts up with a fingertip first, and then managed to snake a small open-end spanner up there and snug them up a bit at a time. It's fiddly, but there are worse jobs... also, coincidentally, involving the doors...

Gryf Ketcherside

Thanks Guys that's a great help, yes I was thinking the same, why do I need five fasteners on a small bit of door capping, so I think I'll go for three, one each end one in the middle.

cheers Guys.
J Torrance


Before you start you may wish to check the below link
Bob Davis

two fasteners is more than enough (and that's all BMC used on the later years). The aluminum rail that the capping is made of, is very rigid.

Norm Kerr

Thanks Bob, they look good, I'll have to see if the better halve will get me an early Christmas pressy.
I agree with you lads, I think two fasteners is enough the middle one is easy so I may go for three.

see my other thread re new grille.
J Torrance

Thanks, Bob. Just what I have been looking for and a snip at that price.
So, on line I went, but they're only available in store. None in any of my local Halfords here in Wiltshire, but Hey Presto, one in the Brislington, Bristol store, so I goes and gets it ordered and off I go on the 50 mile round trip.
Got to the store and 3/4 hour later they decide that although listed in their stock list, it had gone missing! But - hooray! they located one in the Clevedon store. Checked on line and by phone and had it put aside.
25 miles further and I got there just before the store shut.
And Yes, it had been put to one side for me and they discounted it by a further 5 for the trouble!
I was not the happiest guy in town, but caught up in a situation that was handled well by Halfords but also one I could have done without.
The spanners are GREAT!

Moral of the story - check reserved items direct with the store before setting out.


Peter B

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