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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - j type gearbox

Dear All,

i have just bought a j type overdrive gearbox to mate with my midget 1500 complete with all of the gubbings i believe i will need for the change over but in readyness i have a couple of questions.

firstly i have checked the wiring and the limit switches give me a fair indication of how this should be wired up but i have an inhibitor switch at the bottom of the gear stick that i am not sure what function it covers as it seems to complete a circuit for all gears including reverse,but breaks circuit in neutral, any one shed some light.

The next question is as this has been sold as "was runing well before removal from" is there any simple tests i can perforn to access the order of the O/D or do you know of anyone in central Scotland/North England that has a test facility which i would be happy to pay for.

i am not being lazy hear i have tried various web searches but can't answer either.

thanks in advance Douglas
df mccabe

have you looked at the John twist videos there's 206 of them up now but some went missing I think and there may not be one just about exactly what you want but there are a few that might help with principals perhaps -
Nigel Atkins

There are usually a couple of overdrive specialists at the spares days etc - will see if I can find the contacts.

Seem to think they were Sheffield way.

richard boobier

Here's one of them...
Dave O'Neill2

Is the switch at the bottom of the lever not just the reverse light switch? I fitted mine many years ago and I love it!!

C Bintcliffe

This thread was discussed on 29/06/2012

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