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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Jack stands

Hi y'all, I'm new at this site. I have a 75 low miles midget. It has a few small problems. The suspension sags on the drivers side, the horn does not work, and it runs pretty rich. The lower hinge of the drivers door is loose, and it looks to be a sheet metal issue. My big question is, where is the safe place to put your jack stands when the car is off the ground? They look to be very close together if I use the frame rails. I want to be confident when I am under this little thing. I will say that I am sorry in advance for the dumb question. With that being said, I am sure I will have many more.
DW Wittkopp

I set my stands under the rear axle just inside the spring perches and under the front crossmember just inside the lower control arms. I've never had any problem with the car being unstable. I am working on a level concrete surface, if you're on gravel or asphalt then all bets are off unless you use some type of load spreading surface under the jack stands so they won't "dig in". If I plan on working on the rear suspension then I place the stands just outboard of the front spring perches on the body and use a bit of wood to spread the load on the sheet metal in that area.
B Young

Thanks Bill, I have a good, and flat garage floor so that is no problem. If only It would get warm enough to be out there.
DW Wittkopp

Sure it's low miles - and not around the clock a couple of times miles?!

If you've got major structural work to do - you might be better with those mini-ramps that you can put it on - that way you're more secure - and have a tad bit more room to move around in.

Rachael, I'm curious why the car would be any less stable on jack stands placed under the rear axle and under the front crossmember than on ramps even if the body had major structural work to do. Basically you're supporting the car from the same points as those locations are where the forces from the wheels are passed into the chassis structure.
B Young

Didn't mean they were more secure - just always seems to me that putting the wheels on them means it's less stress on the bodywork - and certainly can get it higher for easier clambering underneath!!!!

End of the day - it's just another option that keeps another person safe - which is all that matters :)

Rachmacb, I also question if the car has more miles, but it looks to be fairly rust free. The thing that I am most concerned about is, someone filled the fender to firewall gap with some kind of goop.This filler was then painted over. I am afraid of what I will find under all this. I do thank you for looking out for my safety. I never feel good under a car, so if I can put my mind to ease,I can get more work done.
You can see my car in my profile.
DW Wittkopp

LOL - I thought it was in the house when it started to open!!!!! I know that there are lots of us who keep various parts in, but not sure that anyone has gone that far - yet :)

No worries - it's never a happy thing to have a car fall on you!

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