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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Jubilee clips - staying tight

sourced my K-oil leak to all 4 of the jubilee clips used in my budgetmidget remote filter setup being slack. I've tightened them previously but they seem to come undone by themselves.

Some are genuine 'Jubilee' clips, some are 'Norma' clips from the Rover 200. Tightening is standard hose clip tighten until you feel it's just about to strip, and it doesn't leak when it's this tight.

They're keeping some power steering spec rubber pipe onto half inch copper pipe (with an olive soldered on)

It's a bit oily down there at the moment for threadlock - might it work if I get it cleaned up a bit? They're also comically hard to get to.

Any tips on keeping them tight? Or alternatives?
Rob Armstrong

Not sure what your remote set up is for? But, if its not somethign you need to take off you can get some big cable ties and pull them tight with a pair of pliers... I use CTs on my steering rack gaitors... I find they work well so long as the rubber you are compressing is soft.

Not sure what else to suggest - except trying new jubilee clips
C L Carter

is where the issue is. Perhaps I just need to tighten them up every so often..
Rob Armstrong

Nice website Rob! Enjoyed reading it. You have done a lot on your car!
Graeme W

sounds like you need new clips, possibly round edged clips might go tighter - what size are they?
Nigel Atkins

sounds like you need new pipes with proper crimped ends intended for high pressures.
I don't think jubilee clips are intended to restrain 60+ PSI oil. Have a couple of pipes made up to the right length, with suitable fittings by a hydraulic specialist then fit and forget.

M McAndrew

Mike's said it all - totally agree.
David Smith

On any pipe where a hose is clamped onto it there should be as a minimum a swaged end. For high pressure lines such as oil lines I suggest the requirement moves from swaged up to barbed. Jubilee clips aren't meant to restrain 60psi+ oil pressure it's the barbs that do that. I have sucessfully used jubilee clips and barbed fittings on oil thermostat fittings before upgrading to threaded fittings.

You can get barbed fitting that are threaded to screw into an oil system component but fully threaded joints and braided s/s hose and fittings would be better.

I suppose I might as well say there are books with this stuff in...
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

I thought the copper pipe with an olive on and a jubilee clip would have worked. It's what was on the power steering bits on the rover. Apparently not though :)

will look at other options though, there are some ideas here I'd not thought of before :)

thanks :)
Rob Armstrong

Try putting a few loops in the oil line so the line acts like a shock absorber in the loop and not be pulling agianst the connection...kind of like power steering or break lines with loops in the tubing

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Double swage on the bottom right fitting.

Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

Suggest you use wire type hose clips around a hose fitted to the type of fitting Daniel shows in that picture.

Wire clips hold twice for every clip if you think about how they sit and would hold on both sides of that bulged type fitment

shows the type I mean and their "blurb" describes the reason I suggest using them...


Resistance to high pressure due to double joint.

Perfect circumference in all tightening positions and constant equal pressure distributed on whole clip.
The use of galvanised steel wire eliminates all possibility of rough and sharp edges.
Elasticity resistant to vibrations.
This hose clamp offers many advantages such as fast mounting, resistance to corrosion, double joint etc.
The guarantee of this hose clamp is demonstrated by the numerous applications made by automobile and domestic appliance manufacturers for many years.

Worth a look on google and/or the evilBay

they look familiar. Top of page 32 in my version Daniel ;)

Thanks, will look for some of those, though it might require a total redesign of the take off thing on the block. Which isn't too much of an issue if it's leaking...

Prop there's only enough space to just get the pipe in, nothing going with loops unfortunately. The pipes go between the steering rack and the rack crossmember, to give you an idea of how tight for space that is. My pressure pipe does have a loop in it though.
Rob Armstrong

This thread was discussed on 25/10/2012

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