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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Knocking from rear on cornering

Hi, I'm a new midget owner and have noticed a speed related knocking noise when turning right/going round roundabouts, coming from the right rear side. Straight ahead I can't hear anything. I've checked the wheel nuts. Also when I first bought the car the right rear damper was loose and that was a far more dramatic noise! Are the half shafts known to give any problems?

Thanks for any help.

Also while I'm here I'm suffering the 1500 jerky throttle when pulling away. I change the cable to a teflon lined cycle cable as recommended on this forum and this has helped slightly. Has anyone tried modifying the the pedal shaft and adding proper bearings? Replacing the crude original arrangement, which seems to pitch somewhat. The carbs return spring seems quite heavy, is it safe to modify this or will the butterflys flutter with engine vacuum?
s cordell

Re the jerkiness on pulling away:

Try turning the tickover up slightly. If the butterflys are closing fully, they can seal and stick shut, held by the vacuum produced on the downstream side of the butterfly. If you turn the idle stop screw up just a fraction so that the butterfly is just beginning to move off the throttle body wall, it will then open much more smoothly as you press the pedal.

You said you checked the wheel nuts, so I gather you don't have wire wheels, so that would rule out noises from loose/broken spokes or a damaged spline. With that in mind, my first thought would be a wheel bearing, especially since you hear the sound when you apply a side-load to the suspension.

As for the halfshafts, they've been known to break at the inner ends. But the symptoms for that are rather different than what you're experiencing!

Gryf Ketcherside

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