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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Laygear cluster question

I have been thinking of getting longer legs for the 77 midget. I have looked into a Toyota T50 and a Ford type 9 conversion but dont like the cutting of the body parts that is involved. I have investigated swapping my 3.9 diff to a 3.7 but that is only a 5% improvement and it costs more to import than buying 2nd hand Ford 9 gearbox in South Africa. I have also looked at all possible tyre changes in combination of a diff swap. Now to the question - what about a cluster gear that has a final drive ration of 0.9 instead of 1:1. Is it posible to have this, does anyone manufacture this? I have calculated the % increase and it changes from 30% to 37% so not a big problem.
MA Wilson

Changing the laygear will have no effect upon the top gear ratio of the Spridget transmission. This is due to the fact that in top gear the mainshaft (third motion shaft) is locked diectly to the input gear (first motion shaft). The laygear then simply idles.
Stephen Strange

Stephen's right... 4th gear is direct drive.

Gryf Ketcherside

Thanks guys - Wondered why I couldn't find a 4th gear in the diagram, that's embarrassing. So back to the finances or chopping the body a bit if I want to obtain cruiseabiity.

Best I change my name as well, looks like MA as opposed to Mark Wilson.
MA Wilson

MA, aren't there plenty of datsuns around in South Africa? Thought the where in production long after they stopped everywhere else. Like the "kanniestukniebussie"

Datsun 5-speed requires no body work.
Alex G Matla

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