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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - leaf springs

Hi just wondering if someone may be able to help. . . . A friend of mine has just replaced his leaf springs on his 78 midget and for some reason the passenger side of the car now stands about an inch or two above the wheel but the drivers side sits just above the wheel does anyone no why this maybe and can it be solved many thanks
n williams

Is the rear hanger in the "five o'clock" position as you look at it from the passenger side ?
Geoff Mears (1970 Midget)

hi yes the hanger is at 5 o'clock although the drivers side does look like it sits more in the 4 o'clock position
n williams

The spring hasn't slipped out of its retaining lug on the driver's side perchance ? 4 o'clock is a bit low for a new spring. When driver gets in, it is likely to drop even lower !! You have got the correct springs for a rb car I assume ?
Geoff Mears (1970 Midget)

my friend believes it hasn't slipped on the retaining lug he said they seemed to fit nice and straight forward . He ordered them from mgoc for his model etc . Yeah that's right once he gets in to drive the car really leans over . Is it possible the new springs could be no good many thanks
n williams

mgoc have said that it could be a faulty spring unusual but could and said that they can replace it . . . The problem is witch one would be faulty the drivers side where the tyre is level with the arch or passenger side where there is about a two inch gap thanks for the help
n williams

I fitted MGOC springs. Within a week or two the O/S had settled lower than the N/S. Not happy.
A couple of thousand miles later the N/S had settled to match more or less. The ride height is within 1/8" side to side. I've since fitted slightly shorter stiffer front springs. Car's lower, stiffer at the front, still soft at the rear and no need for lowering blocks at the rear. A result from my point of view, even if it was a bit of a fluke.

M Crossley

The one at 4 o'clock sounds like the culprit. When you fit new springs you should expect the car to sit higher until the springs settle.
Geoff Mears (1970 Midget)

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