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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - LED Lights

Having rebuilt my Mk1 midget to a fairly standard spec electrics wise Ive found that one of the NOS sealed beam headlights has already blown. So Im probably going to replace them with a H4 conversion as Ive already done on my Sprite. I was wondering if I should go even more modern and go for LEDs. Im thinking that I might get better lights but with less strain on the Dynamo and loom.

Has anyone done this with success?

I particularly want to avoid lights that look a lot different when on and also want to keep the rounded lenses on the early cars. Id probably do the tail lights as well.

Cost isnt really a problem - it will pale into insignificance considering the money thats been spent so far!!

John Payne

A mate has put LED headlight bulbs in his and says they're great.

Yes you will get more light and less strain on dynamo and wiring. -

I thought you could buy a kit of led bulbs and lights complete but can't find it now.-

For rear lights, side/brake, you also want to complete the circuit with having the front side lights and number plate LED too. For front sidelights warm-white looks more classic than the bright white (blue).
Nigel Atkins

Yes, partially. Replaced the sidelights, indicators (front and rear) and brake lights but not headlights as yet.
There is a significant improvement in light intensity especially the brake lights and indicators. The white of the front indicators is more like a warm white than then more modern cool white which better suits our old cars IMO.
Mine are from Classic Car LEDs and are good quality with the bodies being made from aluminium. Good service too with advice readily given.
If you decide to change to LED indicators you'll need an electronic flasher as the current draw is so low with LEDs there is insufficient to 'warm' the bimetal contact in the original flasher and it won't flash.
Good luck.
Jeremy MkIII

Brilliant, just the sort of info I need. Id probably avoid doing the indicators as it sounds like that could be problematic and Ive just bought a nice shiny new flasher unit.

The company Nigel has links to is only about 10 miles from me so will be perfect.

So Ill start by getting a H4 conversion and take it from there.

John Payne

in the (recent?) past shiny new reproduction flasher units have been utter crap, old NOS or s/h seem to last decades or forever.

If you change the indicators you just need an electronic flasher unit, they will flash at a steady rate even at low revs or engine off. To complete you'd add the dash tell-tale bulbs too.

I forget the name of the guy at Classic Dynamo he gives very good service but can at times be a bit of a miserable old man, suits me.

I've only ever seen good reports about Classic Car LEDs.
Nigel Atkins

Cheers Nigel, I'll have a think and see about the indicators, they work fine (at the moment!) and because they are only on a few seconds shouldn't drain much power.

Probably do a bit of shopping around first as well. With the current situation it doesn't matter if the supplier is 10 miles away or 100 as it will be postage only.

Moss do a kit for the H4 bulbs that looks and sounds the business but will need to check if it's a good price (probably not!), I think it's about 45.

John Payne

To be legal you need the headlight units to be designed for leds. Putting LEDs in ordinary units is not currently legal and could cause problems at MoT time. If you need new units you may as well try go find some that are designed for the bulbs you want to use.

T Mason

those ones at Moss are 60/55w halogen bulbs so a reasonable load on your dynamo.

To comply with Trev's post I put that link earlier to LED Headlamp Conversion Stella Lux QP472A -

"Developed for 7" Lucas style headlamps a Stella Lux H4 LED conversion represents a technological breakthrough for classic car owners.
With modern vehicle lighting levels of 3000 Lumens per bulb, three times brighter than a standard H4 halogen bulb and emitting a bright white 6000K colour; delivering vastly improved road presence and visibility enabling drivers to see up to 100m further ahead without dazzling oncoming traffic, for a safe confident driving experience whatever the conditions!

Engineered by Q Parts, a Stella Lux H4 LED conversion meets UK MOT test requirements and comprises a pair of premium quality 25W LUMILEDS LUXEON Z ES LED H4 light units achieving 10,000+ hours lifespan and low load plug-and-play dual polarity drivers; backed with an extended 3 year warranty and complete with instructions for straightforward installation.

Price: 89.95 / 103.44 / US $99.70 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)"

I think at one time they did them with the H4 Headlamp Conversion kits as a package.
Nigel Atkins

Thanks for all that Nigel, I'll check it out later. I'm taking advantage of the warm weather at the mo to fit my hood/tonneau!

The Moss kit I meant is just for two LED H4 bulbs and drivers. The H4 conversion by Wipac is about the same again. They don't mention any legality issues which is surprising.

I'm not really bothered about the MOT as unless things change it will never need one - even though I've just built it from bare shell up! What I am worried about is dazzling people, I see loads of cars about with what look like modified lights that seem to dazzle. I'll definitely be doing my research before I go ahead.
John Payne

<< 3000 Lumens per bulb, three times brighter than a standard H4 halogen bulb. . . . enabling drivers to see up to 100m further ahead without dazzling oncoming traffic,>>

All from the same advert text that Nigel posts. Seems like a total contradiction to me!

"Seems like a total contradiction to me!"

Yes, sounds impressive ;o)
Dave O'Neill 2

All about the type of light, the bulb, the lens, the aim of the lights. Our cars headlights are low to the ground so unless they point at the bird nests they shouldn't be as dazzling as the urban tractors and those bloody self-leveling ones that seem to be flashing at you all the time.

Plus of course some drivers are aware of a feature called dipped-beam (and turning headlights off when pulled over or parked).
Nigel Atkins

4 years ago iI tried LEDs it was no succes. But 4 years later I changed the classic bulbs interior and exterior but not the headlamps* for LED's. It is a HUGE improvement!! Another vote for Classic car LEDs Ltd**, Good advice readily given.


*Cibi H4 they are perfect.

Flip Brhl

The Cibie H4 units are the best IMHO - Wipac units had rusty reflectors in about 2 years.
richard b

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