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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - les leston steeringwheel

im looking for a hub for a les leston steeringwheel

(4 hole type)

awe rijt

oh yes , its for a mk1 sprite
awe rijt

Thats a nice one Awe!
How is the restauration comming along?
Arie de Best

arie , yes i like it to (but i cant fit it without a heb)

the lenham is going ok (next to more projects from customers) the engine and drivetrain are ready,
one of these days im bringing the empty body to our bodyshop. (i still dont know what colour it will be!!)

i will post a few pictures later
awe rijt

Thats going to be a tough one... As i dont think a hub was actually ever made to mount the LL on a midget

I think the hubs for tourist trophy aka moss can be modified to say look at the current hub and see if it can be made to fit

Very nice wheel

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

i had a les leston for a sprite mk1 a few years ago (the model with long slots in the spokes)

would an early mini hub fit?
awe rijt


Possibly consider having one machined if you can't find one. I've made a few serration broaches in the past, not for steering wheel hubs, but having done so advised my neighbour about it when he wanted to make a hub to suit a reproduction Bluemels IIRC steering wheel for his Morgan, all worked out fine. In my neighbours case inspection of the spline indicated it had 90 degrees between the spline flanks so it was easy to machine a broach in O1 tool steel with a standard endmill and as the spline is fine a single or very few cutting edges can do the job with ease. IIRC the hub has a taper and a spline and I think the main torque will be through the taper with the spline as a back-up.
David Billington

This thread was discussed on 02/05/2012

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