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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Linings for stopping

I seem to remember a thread about linings or about brakes with a discussion about linings.
My brakes are standard but could do with better stopping when 2 up with the kitchen sink in the back.
Opinions on better linings appreciated and where to get them from.

Thanks in advance.
Dave Squire

Only the back drum brakes use linings, and the back brakes do so little that they make naff-all difference. You really need uprated pads on the front, and suggest you fit new discs at the same time. Go for reputable brand discs such as Brembo, and maybe Mintex 1144 pads. Personally I don't like EBC pads and stopped using them a long time ago - but they do update the material spec regularly, and others may have good recent experience.
David Smith

I and a few others use Mintex 1144 brake pads on the front with standard discs and are very happy with them for road cars.

Now when I get around to it I'll put up a thread on my very recent experience of rear brakes shoes and going from standard width of 1.25" to 1.5".

As David suggests if you're upgrading your front brake pads you'll also want to renew the discs (standard are fine). For the rear new shoes and possibly also new drums might also help.

New or existing, having the rear drums adjusted correctly will help with the feel of the brake pedal at the very least.

You also want to consider when the brake fluid was last changed (every 18-24 months).

Last but not least tyres, old/hard/worn or poorer quality tyres can have a big effect on braking (steering, road holding, handling, suspension comfort and noise). Tyres are an under valued and under estimate car component. They're also the four small patches of your car touching the road surface or what's covering the road surface.

Also the efficiency of "summer" tyres drops off below about 10c (a summer evening temperature let alone winter) so bear weather temperature in mind too.

Lifting off the accelerator earlier (where appropriate) and perhaps even using gears can help with braking. :)
Nigel Atkins

Nigal bogged my idea.... haha

Tires are huge and probably more important then brake pads and linings

Old, worn out, weathered, and over inflated are not good for that hair pin turn at 92 MPH while laying on the brakes

1 Paper

I meant to put -
>>New or existing, having the rear drums adjusted correctly will help with the - [initial] - feel of the brake pedal at the very least.<<

And it looks like my keyboard needs a new battery as letters typed are dropping out and that's not good on top of my typing and language abilities!
Nigel Atkins

I use green stuff on the front in the Frogeye and they have been fine. Standard linings at the rear. Went over the Pico's de Europas in 2015 with no cause for alarm. I agree that attention to adjustment and clean fluid all helps.
Bob Beaumont

Be aware that changing the material of the linings can change the brake bias front/rear. Harder rear linings give a better balance (more brake in front). As tires now are much better than 60 years ago that is what you want.
Flip Brühl

My experience - Mintex - yes. EBC - no.

Rob Armstrong

I use minted 1144 for road use. Exxelent!
Flip Brühl


Looks like you might be able to buy what you need from:

M Wood

Thanks all. As it’s my use whenever car I have suitable tyres.I adjust the rears every 3 months and it does make quite a difference.

Brake pads and shoes change when weather picks up warmer. Looks like Mintex 1144

Disk and drum change at same time.

Thanks again, Dave
Dave Squire

keep a look out for my brake shoe thread that 'll put up possibly not until the weather warms up for various reasons.

>>I adjust the rears every 3 months<< - you're even more obsessive than me, seek help.

Being serious I'm surprised it makes so much difference in just three months, unless you use your brakes a lot and/or heavily, it may (or may not) suggest a good checkout, clean, lub and overall of the rear brakes might be due (or I could be wrong again).
Nigel Atkins

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