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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Lower Fulcrum pins seized

The rubber bushes on the inner lower fulcrum pins on the wishbone of my 1500 midget look perished so I decided to strip and replace but I cannot seem to get either pin out. I think the sleeve inside the bushes has seized to the pin and wont push out through the bracket. I've tried lashings of WD40 and brute force but it's just distorting the subframe bracket.

Anyone got any clever ideas or have I missed something?
Eamonn Spencer

hacksaw blade!
Mick - still wiring!!

There is a steel liner inside the actual rubber bushes that often rusts and seizes to the pin. But the design, with the large hole should allow the pin, together with the seized liner, to be removed as one. The problem is that the liner is bonded to the rubber, and the rubber part distorts and swells so it wont go out through the hole.

The quickest way is to burn, or at least soften the rubber bush out with a propane gas torch. Smelly, but effective! Just try not to set fire to the underseal and the rest of the car!

Not immediately obvious, but the fulcrum pin bolts do align with an access hole in the front valance - at least on some models, 1500 included I think. This enables one to use a long bar through from the front as a punch, and where you can get a decent hammer swing at it!

I was really really hoping not to go down that path, access is limited and the thought of spending an hour or so cutting the pin just with a taped up hacksaw blade is quite depressing but if it comes to it........
Eamonn Spencer

Thanks Guy, at the moment I am not passed the point of no return so the option of putting it back together until the weather improves is still on. I think I need to clear my garage out before starting this job, doing it on the driveway on my back is not ideal.
Eamonn Spencer

Probably better to delay then.
This will enable you to repeatedly over a period of days spray a proper penetrating oil -NOT WD40! - around the parts you need to remove..

And also buy in the new bushes - these particular ones are, in my opinion well worth replacing with Polybushes. You might want to buy new pins and locating washers as well, just in case you do need to cut through the old ones to get them out.

lol, yes seen some threads about penetrating oils. I had already bought in the WD40 when I saw them. ATF and nail varnish remover seem to be the favoured concoction. Wife's away on a girly holiday at the moment so I thinks I'll raid her make up box and 'borrow' some.

Good point about the Polybushes, I think I'll do that.
Eamonn Spencer

Guy I think you describe it the wrong way round - the big hole in the chassis bracket is for the stepped washer at the nut end of the pin; the pin goes through a small hole so if the bushes seize you are stumped.
David Smith

The large hole does not allow the pin to be removed with the bushes, as it is the stepped washer which fits in the large hole. The pin is inserted through the small hole.
Dave O'Neill2

Dave and David,
You are both quite right! I just went and checked on my Frog in the garage which is on its side, dismantled and easy to get at! What is odd is that I distinctly remember doing it this way before on one of my other cars. At least I thought I distinctly remembered that. So either that car was modified, or I was just plain wrong! I suspect the latter!! So sorry for duff information.

It still helps to burn the rubbers out if they are stuck. That at least would give access to the rusted on sleeve piece. It is also true about the access hole to allow a long drift to get aligned onto the small (forward facing) end of the front fulcrum pin and to knock it out rearwards after removing the nut and stepped washer.


Air chisel... press against the bolt to withdraw; the vibration is faster than the bush can cope/respond, and it breaks up.

Looks like magic but works every time.

Anthony Cutler

Thanks everyone. I'm taking the cowards way out for the time being and I'm going to put it back together and save this job for another time. It's not long gone through and MOT so it can't be that bad!!!!!!

When my new shock absorber and anti roll bar bushes arrive, I'll put it back on the road and just drive it. I have the basis of a winter plan in mind with a handful of other jobs, so I'll just add this one to the list.
Eamonn Spencer

Are you sure your shock absorber needs replacing? Often they just need an oil top-up.

Yes, certain. Tried topping it up and it's still very loose and clunky with loads of play.
Eamonn Spencer

Oh, OK. Just trying to save you some cash! But if its that bad then its time to change. Its an easy enough job.

This thread was discussed on 09/04/2012

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