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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - lower rear wing repair panel

i am looking at fixing the bottom of the rear wing and boot floor corner on a 1500 but panels are only available for earlier cars will they fit with a bit of work under the rear light
mark heyworth

Yes they will fit but you'll need to do a bit of cutting and bashing under the rear light, I've just done a both side of mine. Bob
R.A Davis

Hi Mark,

Having done mine they all need work to get them to fit.

The outer repair panel for the rear lower wing are all the same across all models, MS29 R/L

Heres some posts on my blog that might help you:

Good luck

James Paul

Finaly getting started on rear wing and boot floor replacement has anyone any photos etc to give me a little guidance seen loads for ealier cars but nothing for 1500 as you have to fettle the panel to fit.
mark heyworth

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