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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Lowering 1500 Midget

Is it possible to lower the suspension on the 1500 midget? If so, how would I go about it? It always seems to me that they ride too high and persumably this affects the handling.
K Montgomery

Yes you can quite easily - and in various ways costing various amounts of money depending on what has already been done!

The best thing to do is to find out what's been done to your car and also to have a look in the archives here which contain every conceivable option (and several that are not!) and work out which suits your needs the best.

Don't forget you do have to get through the ever increasing speed humps and potholes though .....! :)

Best is to fit lower stiffer springs on front and 1275 springs on the rear.
Get in touch with kim from he can get the parts
Onno K

I lowered the front last year with lower stiffer springs from magicmidget really pleased with them. Now I want to do the rear with lower leaf spring but magicmidget can't get them at the moment. Does it work fitting the 1275 springs on the 1500.
N Allen

Keep whinging at him - like the rest of us - he's got to give in sometime!!!!

It can, but, it also depends on what weight your car is - for total safety

I have taken the bumpers of my car so it is abit lighter. Thats why I had to lower the front last year.
N Allen

N - did you also remove the internal chasis for the bumpers - or leave them in? Also take back the inner wing?

If you did it thoroughly, then, your car should weigh in the region - and so yes.

You should have a chat with Kim though - as his 1275 springs are better than some other suppliers anyway!!!!

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