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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Lowing Kit

I have seen a lowing kit for the midget, just wondered if they are any good, and how easy they are to install?

its for a 76, with chrome bumpers
Rich K

No doubt you will think me very rude for daring to comment on your post - but, why don't you just go to one of the many proper shops and get what you need.

MagicMidget/Peter May/MGOC/MGBhive are all seriously helpful and informative - and often cheaper - than some of the rubbish you see peddled on ebay.

Since you have already had a bad experience, then I would hope you take the advice in the manner in which it is given.

I shall not even point out that the Scottish Education system is now obviously as rubbish as the English one in a particularly rude manner!

I have an almost identical kit on my '72. Have
had it for years because the rear end was sitting
way too high. Has worked well and have noticed
no probs. But when I installed it, took a bit
to get the U-bolts tight enough to keep the
rear end from moving.


Watford Classic Cars are no better or worse than most other providers but if the u-bolts are cheaply made they will stretch more

I think there's an order to fitting the bolts to tube - others will know

Keyboards and forums seem to encourage typos rather bad grammar or spelling from contributor
Nigel Atkins

I'm looking to lower my midget 1979 to. I have ordered some front coil springs 8.5” 360lb fast road for the front from magic midget but not sure what to do at the back. I did see that kit on eBay but only need the rear ones. It is a lot cheaper than the Lowered rear leaf spring.

n Allen

hahaha not so much a failure in the Scottish education system, just issues with my predictive text...and lack of proof reading (cheers for defending me Nigel).

I am after advice, like you said rach, i have been hit once before. I have used the shop before, dont know if i will go for this exact kit, just wanted to know if anyone has used it or something similar.

oh and rach, i have no issues with you posting on my threads, just so long as the posts are constructive :)

so from what i can see from the pics, the rear is lowered by changing the rubber blocks/mounts. how is the front lowered?

thanks :)
Rich K

washers between the spring pan and the wishbone (the little things at the bottom of the listing picture), or a shorter spring.

slightly off topic - is it silly to lower one side more (passenger side) so when I drive it it's level?
Rob Armstrong

ah seems fairly straightforward (then again what job is actually straightforward on a midget)
Rich K

LMAO - I think that you might like to recall that it was YOU who were rude first ...... and, if you don't chill out a bit, you'll get a hernia from carrying the trials of the world around .....

However, in this particular case, I shall direct you again to the various other shops, not only because their products are of superior quality, but, they are also cheaper and will be able to give you loads of advice and information regarding the various ways of doing the lowering. As you have seen already, there are several, and, it really depends on what your car has had done already, what you are going to do with it, and how much it has gone up following your bumper conversion. Far from being actually straight forward, it's not!

Also, please don't forget that there is a wealth of information in the archives on this bulletin board (and also the Midget Register website), which is worth a look in - usually the questions you want answers to, and 101 ones you will never think of, are in there.

Whilst not wanting to be destructive, as you think I am, I also would like to suggest that, rather than pounce around with it's "looks", you really ought to get to the bottom of the engine and general chasis - it might be more boring, but will actually work wonders if done now. I suspect that the suspension is probably a tad weary as well, which would be another area to consider looking at - to be honest, these should have been done way before you converted the bumpers, but, hey ho, what's done is done, and you've the rest of winter to do the rest.

Rob - yes!

Wow! Seems there is a bit of history 'tween you and Rob...

To try to answer your questions:

Not a difficult install, per se. What might make it tough is condition of the existing u bolts and suspension bits. If the nuts are rusted together, etc., it might be a struggle to get everything apart.

You might consider getting some new axle pads (forget what they call them, but they are blue or red hard urethane(?)) before you start. They will locate the axle better and don't deteriorate like the rubber ones.

The kit looks like it comes with the lowering spacers for the front that fit between the "top hat" that locates the front springs and the a-arm. I wouldn't buy shorter springs until you've used the spacers and see if it lowers the car enough.

I did all this on my chrome bumper racecar. I have no idea of any differences in the later cars. Did the factory increase the ride height on the Midgets like they did the MGB's? If so, you might look into how that was done before you spend any money on a lowering kit.
David Littlefield

"LMAO - I think that you might like to recall that it was YOU who were rude first ...... and, if you don't chill out a bit, you'll get a hernia from carrying the trials of the world around ....."

is that aimed at me? ROTFLMAO.....I would correct you about the fact that I was NOT the one to be rude, the 1st post I ever wrote you pounced on instantly, if you remember. I would also correct you on the fact that I need to chill, when you are obviously the one who instantly takes offence. And i will let slip the anti scottish comments as well!

the car is sitting slightly higher than the standard rubber bumper midget. I have noticed that MGOCspares do a lowering kit, so will need to look into that. will need to re-bush the front suspension, so might as well wait. will dive into the archive and see what i can find out about it :)

david => cheers for the info as well, i rebuilt the rear suspension about a year ago (and used plenty of copper grease)

I would correct you about the fact that I was NOT the one to be rude, the 1st post I ever wrote you pounced on instantly, if you remember. I would also correct you on the fact that I need to chill, when you are obviously the one who instantly takes offence. And i will let slip the anti scottish comments as well!

Oh, and by the way. there may be members with dyslexia so be careful when dishing out comments about spelling and grammar.
Rich K

oh i dont understand why i would have to do rebuild the suspension before i put the bumpers on.....

if i remember correctly, some of the differences of the 1500 midget was the raising of the ride hight, and the (horrible) rubber bumpers, to comply with American car safety laws
Rich K

So much for trying to be nice - actually YOU jumped down everyone who dared put anything up after coming on and dishing someone from the protection of being un-named.

If there are members who have dyslexia, thankfully, they are probably more polite than you - and I've taught people with it, so do know the difference between someone who has a problem, and someone who just can't proof-read.

Furthermore, I AM a Scot, a fact which most people are aware, and many would have worked out from the fact that my nick-name include a MAC!

Actually, it was to do with the lights, but, since you are happy in your ignorance, then who am I to try and change it and help .....

tell you what rach, truce?
Rich K

oh and for dave, from mgoc website "The ‘Rubber Bumpers’ was well known as a change needed for the changing regulations in the US market"
Rich K

Y'know I just recalled that a friend of mine tried to put a rubber bumper fender on his chrome bumper racecar after an accident. He found out that they aren't really interchangeable. MG "lowered" the wheel opening in the fender to compensate for the increased ride height. Otherwise the wheel opening above the tire would have been greater and it wouldn't have looked right.

I don't know if that might affect your lowering plans. If you are running some of the larger tire sets you might get some rubbing...
David Littlefield

cheers for the info, will do a bit of digging :)
Rich K

Rich, mine is a 1500 too with the bumpers removed.
I had changed the frontsprings in (400lbs) 1275 ones(Peter May i think).
Had the lowering blocks on the rearleafs but after 2 years i tossed them out.

Then went K-series which resulted in my front comming up again so ordered the frontlower kit(bolts&bushes like on your picture) tryed that and then decided its to low as the (14inch)tyres rubbed the (1500)wings.
Now all i have is 3 washers per bolt which seams alright.

David is right on the 1500 frontwings having a lower arch.

On the rear I have standard 1500 springs and like it as they are.

Years ago i lowered my 1500(without bumper already) with 1275-lowered springs, that turned out to be to low as every bump or speedbump made my exhaust scrape over it resulting in a complete write off of my exhaustmanifold... :(

Lower it but keep it practical for road use.

Arie de Best

Hey Rich, I have a 1500 unit planted in a 1275 shell (its a long story) and had to use the rear lowering kit to bring the back level with the front as the 1500 is a bigger lump than the 1275. It was a pretty straight forward operation from what i recall, just remember to jack the car up on the body rather than the rear axle and its also good to have a second jack to support the weight of the rear axle and relax the springs. I almost lost a few fingers when i fitted my kit!

All the best

Jamie Watt

hey. i have a load of spare bolts, so i was planning on using them to lower the spring seats. what can i use to fill the space between the seat and wishbone? i have a few washers, but not a huge amount. dont know what else could take the strain
Rich K


Try using an oversize nut. IIRC a 7/16 will work fine. Otherwise go to a 3/4.
Tim Michnay

ah perfect. will raid the nut and bolt box :)
Rich K

Just realised i made a huge mistake :( i have rebuilt my suspension (and its looking great), but instead of lowering the car....i have raised it.

I have misread something lol. working from the ground, it goes spring plate, spacers, wishbone. i'm guessing its the other way around (wishbone => spacers => spring plate )

has anyone got any pics of the front suspension with the lowering kit?

or is it easier to go for 1275 springs?

Rich K

You have it right. why does it look higher?
Trevor Jessie

yeah its about an inch higher than the other side (hasnt been done yet). cant work it out
Rich K

Is the wheel tilted out at the top? If so, then you put the trunnion on backwards.
Trevor Jessie

the wheel is sitting fine :(
Rich K

Did you install new springs?
Trevor Jessie

nope, just put the standard 1500 ones back in
Rich K

If the spring plate is now closer to the ground, then the car must be lower. Unless the spring is not properly seated somehow.
Trevor Jessie

thats what i was hoping for! unless it will take a bit of time to settle? i read on here that if you lower the spring plate by half an inch, the car is lowered by an inch?
Rich K


We need pictures.

have you rolled the car forward and backwards?

d cusworth

will try and get some pics up soon! havent rolled it back or forward yet (how would this help). i push down on the wing to see if that would settle it
Rich K

when you jack a front wheel off the ground, the wheel droops and tucks under the car. When the car is dropped onto the ground the grip of the tyre stops the suspension from going back to its normal resting position. jumping on the front wing will not help! If you cant move the car forwards and back, place some glossy magazines under the wheel before dropping to the ground ( I find cosmopolitan is ideal for this. I have tried EVO and C&SC with bad results)

by the way isn't Alba a cheap TV make?
d cusworth

ah , i see. will try tonight! hopefully that should do it!

i think you right about the tvs, i think i used to have one! though just to clarify, i'm not from the land of cheap tvs :)
Rich K

i have moved the car back and forth, still sitting higher than before. will try to get some pics up soon :)
Rich K

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