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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Lucas oil lubricant

Anyone here using Lucas upper cylinder head lubricant?

Snake oil or advantageous?

Put some in the modern - RAV4 turbo diesel with 90K - and it does seem to run slightly better and with very slightly less fuel consumption.

I'm a huge fan of Lucas oil products... I'm not aware of cly. head lube and not sure how then can be done to only benefit just the head


I wouldn't use Lucas on new engines it does to good at reducing wear so a new engine would never break in the way it needs to to properly bed in

So maybe creative advertising

But the "Lucas oil additive" is pure honey for an engine 75000 miles or more

And is great added to the Ribby 4 speed tranny... the trick is to warm it up first before adding to the granny cuz it's so thick

1 Paper

Is this the same as what we used to know as "Redex"
added as one shot per gallon.
Or you could use it to do a full de-coke by dribbling it through the carbs - but watch out for the smoke!
M J Chapman

not used it but looked at it a few times
mark heyworth

Not quite a Redex equivalent. The blurb indicates it is a lubricant - coats the internals? and a detergent - cleans out injectors/fuel lines/carbs. No solvent either

I'm amazed at you throwing your money around like that!

Just about anything would be cleaner than diesel (we had a diesel for 8 years, never again), giving it a good blow out now and again or with some sort of cleaner every month/3-months/6-months/before-MoT would help. Or at every fill up or use - no look away - clean(?)/city diesel fuel.

I always tried to use Shell V Power Diesel as you can actually see the difference, thin grey clouds of smoke instead of thick black clouds, but it'd be far too expensive for a white-knuckle like yourself, even my wife moaned about the price.

If you just want a bit cleaner now and again you could just do the Italian Tune-up or now and again (or better still every fill up) add a drop or two of paraffin or petrol.

For the midget I usually use Tesco Momentum99 or Shell V-Power, I've tried using ordinary petrol plus a fuel system cleaner every 6 months but I prefer Momentum99 and V Power for their cleaning additives at every fill. I get less mpg from them as they encourage more spirited driving, I'm sure a lot of it is my own kidology but it's also provides fun (at a cost of course).
Nigel Atkins

ASDA selling REDEX at 3 a bottle at the moment..for those that use it. Who else recalls it at 1d a shot...1 shot per gallon. Happy days...
David Cox


It depends if it works or not. At present I have tried it for around 2 weeks, and like for like fuel consumption has gone down - albeit very slightly. It also feels a little smoother. All for 30p a shot per tank - so it does not have to save that much. The jury is still out as it is far to early to conclude.

Diesels pump out less CO2 but more NO2. Modern diesels also deal with particulates much more effectively. So bit of a sweeping statement to say practically anything is cleaner. As ever, depends what you mean by cleaner, and of course, all IC engines burn fuel, so all are polluting to one degree or another. All pales into insignificance c/w what India and China are doing to the planet.


anything that cleans could bring an improvement. Personally I wouldn't worry about an extra 30p a tank but I got the impression, from you, that you were more monetary stringent. ;)

Obviously I'm not that worried about cars being clean as I own an old inefficient car and have owned similar all my life including a few gaz-guzzlers but as a pedestrian, former cyclist, present and previous owner of soft top cars and previous driver of a diesel car I'm certain almost all diesel vehicles are very dirty.

The driver of a diesel car is most at risk from it on many occasions so it wouldn't be a wet, nanny, liberal act to get shot of it, being extremely selfish I got shot as soon as I realised. I don't know if it went to India or China but I suspect not.

I've yet to check again but I do remember being surprised to learn that one of the roads not that many miles from where I live was one of the most polluted from traffic in the country. I wonder if that was when my mate visited me in in his newish RAV4, oversized and ugly, and the newish RAV4 wasn't much better, I remember both when they were much smaller, well smaller for one of them at least. :)
Nigel Atkins

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