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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - master cylinder

Can anyone tell me the bore size of standard brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder as im looking to build my own pedal box

many thanks
j greenway

Assuming that you have disc brakes then on a later car its usually 3/4 bore for both whereas for a drrum braked frogeye with tandem cylinder its 7/8.
However I am led to believe that one supplier actually quotes 0.70 for the clutch master cylinder on a 1275 which is what I use. I use Willwood cylinders on a Sebring pedal box with 1275 and T9.
A Anstead

Yes it has a 9" disc up grade on the front std drums on back so the 3/4 would be something like 0.625 then ??
j greenway

3/4 inch = 0.75 inch
5/8 inch = 0.625 inch
If you use a 0.625 inch master cylinder on the clutch hydraulics with a stock slave cylinder then you will have hardly any pedal movement.
A Anstead

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