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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Megga messed up midget.

Hi all. Well, the crossed everything didn't work, :( poor mertyl has blown her top. Fortunatly she managed to limp home and i've already got the head off and a new gasket set on order so hopefully, it shouldn't take long to sort out. Now for the question, why has it gone. The rad, block and all associated pipes have been flushed with no signs of crud or blockage, the oil is clean with a new filter and just about every bit of the engine that i know about (which isn't a lot) has been checked. All advice and/or suggestions will be gratefully recieved.
D J P Hewett

head and/or deck needs skimmed true would be my guess if this is a regular occurance and everything else is spot on

How long ago did you replace the gasket before it blew this time?

yes make sure the head and deck are not warpped

also might replace the studs and nuts if they are old ... they may not be holding there grip.

also PAYNE composits are the gold standard in head gaskets for our cars

After just reading your other post...Id say you blew the head gasket from over heating...or worse cracked the head...maybe warped the head

take the head to a machine shop for magna flux and vac check, you will probably need it skimmed anyway


If you haven't got the facilities, then, take the head to be checked over. Have a look on the MGCC website to find a decent(ish!) mechanic in your local area to really go over it for you.

Sure hope it sorts her this time :)

I haven't replaced the head gasket on mertyl as iv'e only been her gaurdian since april. When i got her, there was a reciept for a recon unleaded engine dated 2004 with a speedo reading of 44k. the speedo now reads 52k, so obviously, to me anyway, that the "NEW" engine can't have been that good. Suprise suprise, the company that reconditioned it, no longer exist. Just in case, if anyone has a good 1500 engine laying around, :)
D J P Hewett

LOL - I wonder if it's the same one that mine supposedly came from - oh no - they were a certain club ...!

Honestly - you'll get there - and, there's always the K-series conversion ... but, then again - that's just way more complications ;)!

Mornin rachmab. i take it that was an oc, not a cc ?. Yes, i know i'll get there eventually, its just the stress of it all. it seems mertyl is as highly strung as me lol.
D J P Hewett

:) I can't possibly comment!

Hmmmmm - best to learn not to be too highly-strung - but my problem is patience - or lack thereof - and, if in doubt - where's the hammer ...?!?!?!?!? Not a method to be advised.

The best advice that I can give you is - do everything before it gets bad - and keep it running as much as possible - and - she's a good wee car, so, she'll see ya good in the end.

yeah she is a good un normally and i love her dearly which is why i get upset when she's not well :( . I have been busy cleaning the block and head this morning and it appears that the horrendous mettalic noise last time was number 4pot inlet valve getting up close and personal with the piston, no serious damage though thank god. A few pics will be uploaded once iv'e figured out how to do it.
D J P Hewett

>>> it appears that the horrendous mettalic noise last time was number 4pot inlet valve getting up close and personal with the piston <<<

Uh oh... That one got my attention. You've got more going on here than just a blown gasket. Under normal circumstance, you should NEVER see valve/piston contact - obviously. Do you have any idea how this might have happened? Broken valve spring, for example, or a stuck valve? Something's rotten here...

Gryf Ketcherside

Hi Gryf. I have spent all day cleaning and inspecting all parts of the block and head and i seriously cannot see anything wrong with either component. The valve that came into contact with the piston is fine, the piston is fine and all srings, rockers and collets are fine. To say i'm bemussed would be an understatement.
D J P Hewett

To say i'm bemussed would be an understatement. <<< welcome to the world of midget ownership :)

thats a term i assume i'll get used to saying.
D J P Hewett

LOL - depends ....

It's often those who decide that I can't manage to do my car, and that they would do a better job - who then give up and get bemused - me, I just live with it (well, at least 'til winter, when I'm taking the engine out ...!)

Hi all. Well, i,ve thouroughly cleaned and inpected every component of the block, head, radiator and water pump and i cannot find any reason for the HGF, (im getting good at this computer speak :) ). All i can put it down to is our unusually hot weather and im afraid its time to forgo originality for reliability, ergo, time for an electric fan, so if anyone knows where i get one, which one i need and how i fit it, your input would be most welcome.
D J P Hewett

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