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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Metal clutch master cylinder

Hi, I am on the look out for a metal clutch master cylinder as my existing one has seen better days (internally and externally). I'm repainting my engine bay and refreshing the paint on most of the ancillaries and engine.

I noticed that you can still get new MGB ones with part numbers GMC1007 and AHH6553.

They look identical to the midget one and from what I've read online they have a 19mm bore the same as the 1275 Midget so does anyone know a reason why they couldn't be used, and if they can't is there another substitute?

I have a seal kit for my existing one and will look into fitting that as a last resort but cosmetically it looks too far gone as I have a new brake master to fit but could look at getting it plated.

Many thanks
Mark Whitmore

The only issue I can come up with is the amount of volume displaced from the master to the slave,

If the volume is to low... then the slave wont full in gauging and you will.grind the gears off

If there is no much volume... it would, mmm I dont know exactly, but it wouldnt be good


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

The mounting holes are different.

MGB are straight up and down, Spridget are diagonal.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks for your feedback.

Dave, are the mounting holes the only difference?

Mark Whitmore

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