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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Metro Calipers & Vented Discs


I've trawled the various archived threads on the conversion from standard setup to the Metro Turbo 4 pot calipers and vented discs. Lots of discussions, theories & issues - but no step by step guides etc.

I'm aware there is an article somewhere (Mascot?) on how to do this - would anybody have a copy they can share with me please?

Any help greatly appreciated!

You can email me - nick AT parrmail DOT co DOT uk

Thanks :-)
N Parr

If you or someone else can let me know which month it appeared (as long as it was produced since I became the editor), then I'm sure I can get it out to you.
frogeye Gary

Tarquin is your guy as he wrote it.
Mick - still wiring!!

Have you looked into the "princes" understanding is there 4 pot and supposed to be a direct plug and play
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

The midget & Sprite Club Mascot Magazine 2006 Oct & Nov editions had an article on this subject.
Alan Anstead

Thanks Alan - will this help Gary?
N Parr

Hi Nick

I'll dig out my article and email it through to you.

Matt aka TQ

Many thanks Tarquin - appreciate it!
N Parr

I'd like a copy to, please :)

Alexander Sorby Wigstrom

Me too please if you wouldn't mind. paulatmgpartsdotcodotnz
Paul Walbran

Tarquin - any joy in digging out the article? Itching to burn a hole in my pocket ;-)
N Parr

Can I get a copy too? andrew.fraserattransgriddotcomdotau

Andrew F

ha! sorry totally slipped my mind! Will have a look.

Please add me to the growing list!






d cusworth

Of course what all should be doing is signing up as Midget and Sprite club members and getting your password to let you read the back issues of MASCOT online.
Guy W

Guy is right, its the best 3 tenners you can spend on your carhobby, the magazine is absolutly great!
Nowadays fueling upyour midget costs more then a membership with all the added bonusses like insurancediscount, 12 collor magazines and local and international activities.
No stif upperlip mg/healy people, just good folk!

No picture available of the magazine but one of the anual meetings at Silverstone classic.

Arie de Best

Bump ;-)
N Parr

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