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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Metro distributor

Does anyone know where I can get a side entry cap for a Metro electronic distributor, 64D IIRC
Paul Walbran

If it's for a midget paul I cannot remember ever seeing a side entry cap quoted for the 65DM4 dissy

And if it is for your Midget this is how mine "sits" down in the hole

I had to take off the thicker rubber oversleeve and push the plastic end into the hole, 'cos it is a hell of a tight fit past the rotor arm

I think that was from a set of leads I bought years back at Le Mans (Thank God French supermarkets ar far more super than ours here in the UK)

As you can see the lead is close to the steering column but to date I have escaped any arcing issues from its position.

I did wrap the column with tape years ago but when it went inevitably slimey I hoiked it out again and simply run on faith and occasional spray updates from WD40.

If we ever find a side entry for 65DM4 I'll have a couple, but for now I have a couple of used undamged old ones

(yes, engine oil on the chassis rails, soon be time for engine out and tidy up all round again)

Bill 1

Same issue as Bill. The only cap that is available for this dizzy is the top entry one. I did get arcing to the steering column. People kept telling me that there is a side entry cap and sending links to similar looking ones that don't fit! There really isn't a side entry, screw down cap for this dizzy.

Eventually I modified a clip-down side entry cap, building up lugs with araldite and drilling them so that it would fit with screws. I made 2 so that I have a spare for emergencies!

It is just proper rust protection ;P
Onno Könemann

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