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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - MG Electrics... donkey balls...especially after sitting for 16 years! GRRRRRR

Just venting. I love it when you pull things apart...clean them up; bench test that they work, then hook them up to the loom and *pft*...nada...nothing...zilch.

SIGH...back to your regularly scheduled threads.

Chris Elkerton

there was that nick name for lucas and it's components..........................

Prince of Darkness!
Onno Könemann

hmmmm - I always think that Prince of Darkness is too nice and sweet for Lucas .....

Good luck :)

Check the mice haven't eaten through - I find that parking for a week invites them to come and chew some major important wire that takes another week to find!

Almost invariably dirty or loose connections Chris

Then again you knew I'd say that dintcha...

earths let you down too
bill sdgpm

i like to call mg electrics intresting rather than donkey ball sucking.although donkey ball sucking comes a close 2nd.
roy j

The Lucas equipment has three choices: on, off, flicker.
Alex G Matla


You cant use a heavy wrench or BFH to Beat and force the prince of darkness into submission, Trust me Ive tried! I just dosnt work.


Lucky you Rach,

Your mice eat through your loom

Our mice are rebuilding midgets in the field out the back of the workshop.

This is the only reasonable conclusion for the number of parts we manage to misplace :P


LOL Peter - I keep telling ya to feed Will - he really doesn't look good after a diet of Midget parts :)

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