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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - MG Midget - no indicators/hazards

I have a 1973 negative earth mg midget and the indicators/hazards have stopped working. I'm getting nothing at all. The fuses are fine and the horn (connected to the same fuse on the fuse box) is working. This fuse blew last week and when I replaced it the problem started. I've put in a new hazard switch as the old one was on it's last legs. I've also bypassed both flasher units and still nothing. Also looked at the indicator switch and still nothing but the green and green/brown wires on the bottom of the hazard switch will light a test lamp so I've got electricity to there. Any ideas how to proceed?

Stuart Kitchen

The hazard switch incorporates an interrupter for the indicator circuit, so it could be a hazard swtich problem. The two wires concerend are both green. It sounds as though you have power arriving at the switch but no going forward to either the rest of the hazard switch or to the indicators. It's a relatively common fault.

It's odd that the horn, hazards and indicators all run off the one fuse - they shouldn't. the horn should be fed by a purple wire at the other side of the fuse from the brown 9premanently live) circuit. The hazards should be off the green circuit which is the fused side of the ignition switched circuits. Given the failure you've just had, it might be a good idea to investigate this further.
Paul Walbran

The hazards aren't off the green circuit, as they are supposed to work without the ignition being on.
Dave O'Neill2

Check and check again the connections on the fuse box

Check the springy blades the fuse fits into
check the wires that feed the fuse box IN and OUT and their spade terminals

Although it can be the switches of course (we've seen enough problems with them round here!) if it started after disturbing the fuse box to replace the old fuse I would expect that to be where the trouble lies

Old brass contacts corrode but look fine

This thread was discussed on 28/05/2012

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