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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Midget 1500 Brake reservoir

anyone know the inside diameter of the hose from the reservoir to the master cylinder?
j wilbye

I'm not sure I know what you mean...

Here's a pic, the one on the left is the brake master cylinder, the one on the right is the clutch master cylinder.

Would like to help, but me be confused!

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

the 1500 had a couple of variations of m/cyl. before the tandem cyl it used a single line cyl with a 2-way adapter out the back, and a remote reservoir perched on a bracket a few inches above the pedalbox. Presumably the ID of the hose is equal to the OD of the pipe on the reservoir.
David Smith

Our American friends will be confused, as they had the tandem m/cyl from 1968.
Dave O'Neill 2

This is the UK model with a separate reservoir coupled to the cylinder by a short length of hose, so if anyone know the diameter of the pipe on the reservoir that would help.
j wilbye

can you not just measure it, or are you missing the parts altogether?
David Smith

Hi Dave,
Moss doesn't have the hose listed so I was hoping someone knew the diameter so I could source the correct hose. The only other way is to drain the fluid to take off the hose to measure the diameter and then find the hose to fit having the car unuseable whilst I find a hose.
j wilbye

Yep, all US spec 1500's have the tandem M/C...I had no idea UK models were different, thanks for the info.
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

The reason for the remote reservoir on RHD cars might have been that with the pedal box assembly on the other side, access to the brake reservoir could be restricted by its location so near to, or under, the inner edge of the wing. I could be wrong - just speculating.

Gryf Ketcherside

The diameter of the reservoir outlet on mine is 6.6mm or if you prefer 0.27 inches. However the diameter of the inlet pipe on th MC is larger at 8mm and 0.32 inches. When I tried to replace this pipe i found it was unavailable, as I replaced the reservoir which is also unavailable with an alternative type that had the OL pipe the same as the MC it was not too difficult to find some rubber pipe that was suitable for use with brake fluid, but rather more bulky than the original

A Pritchett

Many thanks Alan
j wilbye

Thanks folks, yes on mine the pipes are different sizes, but I had a piece of petrol piping that was suitable but I had to use two different sizes of jubilee clips. What was worrying was that the reason I wanted to change this pipe was what appeared to be dew on the pipe. I guess the fluid was leeching through the pipe wall and attracting the moisture from the atmosphere. I took the pipe off and it broke whilst taking off. When I started to replace the brake fluid the drain nipple got clogged with what appeared to be melted rubber. It took quite a while to get this rubbish out of the pipe [ rear nearside drain nipple ] as I had to stop and clear the nipple periodically. Cheers JW
j wilbye

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