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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - midget 1500 brakes

hya took my midget out for a spin today for the first time after biulding it. iv never driven one before so wouldnt no wat the brakes would be like anyway, but they felt like i had to brake realy hard just to get it to slow down, i dont expect them to be as good as a modern day car but shoudlnt be too bad. is this normal or is there a fix to make them sharper ect

cheers james
james gibson

Try bleeding them again perhaps? They are poo though, my 1500 was scary after driving a VW Golf daily! I've fitted grooved discs and green stuff pads but it still doesn't fill me with confidence...

Steve H K-ser

This is an old chesnut on this board !
Assuming your brakes are in good condition after your rebuild and correctly adjusted (handbrake) then yes they need a firm pedal pressure to operate.
My problem was - as it seems is Steves also, after the so over servoed Golf it took an age to adjust to the huge difference in pedal pressure required.(not so much with my replacement Saab interestingly).

My solution was to fit a servo - it does not increase breaking efficency - just the pedal pressure required for the same braking. I do not notice the same worry when braking (even normally) until I adjust to the midget which I drive now only occasionally (unfortunately !).
My servo is the powertune one - got mine from Moss - its not a massive ratio and gives very good brake feel.

richard boobier

Are you sure your rear brakes are adjusted properly? That is, tighten the adjuster until the brakes hold, and then back it off a flat or so until it JUST doesn't drag... or barely drags.

Excessive movement in the rear brake bits can cause a long pedal.

Gryf Ketcherside

fit a set of these and your think the VW is bad!!!!!

Al Charles

James unless you drive a standard braked Midget to compare you wont know

of course the Midget brakes are not as good or feel the same as moderns but they are adequate for normal road use if in good order

if your brake pads are very old they could be hard and best replaced

is your brake fluid old or ineffective?

also if your tyres are over 6 years old or a cheap type they may not be the best for braking

as already said adjusting up the rear brakes makes a big difference to the feel of the foot and handbrake

I've put some Mintex pads on my car other than that it has standard brakes it was adequate before and better now

it depends on your driving style and wether you do track days as to wether you need go any further than this

if you live anywhere Northampton, sublect to you having insurance, you're welcome to try my Midget brakes

PS I hope you have a copy of the owners Handbook -
N Atkins


I run a 1500 and it's completely standard except for braided flexibles. The pedal has very limited travel before it starts to bite and although it takes a good shove for heavy braking it's just the way I like it. My suggestion would be to ensure everything is working exactly as it should especially the rear cylinders. To adjust the rears either slacken the handbrake or pull the clevis pin then turn the adjusters until they start to drag, press the brake pedal to centralise the shoes then readjust until just there's just slight drag. You may also want to check the front pistons aren't sticking. I'd recommend the braided lines as it turned mine from acceptable but a bit spongy to rock solid.

As to adding a servo what next? Power steering and electric windows! Just kidding.

R.A Davis

Al Charles, what Wilwood caliper are you using and what size disc? I've looked at all the offerings here in the states for a 4 pot caliper to fit the standard discs on my car and haven't had any luck. Can't get Princess size calipers over here either.
B Young

I have the Frontline 10 inch set up, Priced the components up and the difference was so small it was pointless not to buy them from Frontline

Al Charles

Al how long have you had the brakes? any problems?
N Atkins

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