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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Midget 1500 branch ex manifold

Hi i have a 1500 midget with a downdraught weber carb, something popular in the usa ?.
Anyway i am looking to fit a Maniflow tubular 4 branch manifold onto the car. Has anyone any experience fitting the maniflow manifold with the weber inlet manifold? Maniflow very helpful but they suggested this thread as the dd weber is more popular in the states
rgds tony b
a boyle

Hi Tony I have just fitted my down draft weber to my 1500 and know that you have to modify the existing manifold to make this fit but a maniflow doesnt have those bits on it so looks as though it would fit to be honest?
C Carter

hi thanks your reply. I also found the std manifold needed grinding in a couple of places. The centre 2 manifold nuts are very hard to access as the webber manifold slopes down to give clearance for the air cleaner under the bonnet. I was concerned these may be impossible with the maniflow manifold. I am sure you are right, and it will probably be ok, but it would be interesting to hear from someone possibly in the usa who has done this. Just to say the 1500 runs well on the carb
rgds tony b
a boyle

Probably you have a 32/36 DD Weber. If you want something bigger (= to twin SU HS4s) you might want to fit a 38DGAS DD Weber.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

Don't know about the Maniflow but the Pacesetter 4-1 had no fitment issues with the intake manifold for the Weber 32/36 DGV. Still playing with the jetting.
Richard Reeves

This thread was discussed between 15/11/2011 and 16/11/2011

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