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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - midget 1500 breather pipes question

Im thinking of removing my rocker cover breather pipes on my midget 1500 which currently vent into the twin hs4's .

The plan is to replace them with a K&N filter on the rocker cover and block up the pipes on the hs4's where the breather pipes connect to .

However im sure that ive seen somewhere that the oil filler cap on a 1500 needs to be non vented . That being the case surely the k&n filter will be venting the rocker cover ?

Am i ok removing the pipes and replacing with a filter or does the rocker cover need to remain non vented ?

D Stratton

I believe, as ever please correct me if I am wrong, that the system is designed to create a partial vacuum in the engine (crankcase, sump and rocker cover) to help discourage oil leaks.
As such the oil filler cap needs to be non vented or a partial vacuum would not be achieved.
I would leave the breather pipes as they are, assuming good condition, unless you are building a one-off engine for sport,say, and will be setting up the carb jetting etc to cope with a different air flow situation.
JB Anderson

JB thanks for your reply , think i'll take your advise and leave it as it is
D Stratton

This thread was discussed on 10/01/2012

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