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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Midget 1500 handbrake cable too long

Replaced the handbrake cable on the midget with one from Moss but it seems too long, the rods need to be about an inch shorter. Anyone else found this or have a solution? thank JW
j wilbye

early 1500s had the 1275 arrangement with cable to the pivot on the axle, and rods out to the brake levers. Later ones had a reactive type that did away with the pivot and rods. AFAIK both types had variations for wire and steel wheels. Can you clarify what you have?
David Smith

Thanks David, it is the later type, I purchased it from Moss as the old one was on the edge of its adjustment, I think the old one was the original, the new one seems just a little longer than the old one.
j wilbye

Do you have wire wheels or Rostyles?
Dave O'Neill 2

Hi Dave,

The Moss part they gave me GVC1008 which is for steel wheels.

Someone suggested the internal actuators might be worn but I suspect not enough for the amount of slack I have.
j wilbye

The problem is....Its just going to streach back out in 6 months. I think mine made it 9 months before needing to be replaced...still haveent

What Ive considard doing is cutting the cable and puttting in a turn when the cable streches just adjust the turn bukle

But there is this kit for super cheap to do the same thing


>>> The problem is....Its just going to stretch back out in 6 months. <<<

Not in my experience - and remember that Prop will have the earlier arrangement on his 1275. I replaced the later-style cable on my '78 years ago, and it still works perfectly.

Are you sure you have the threaded adjuster turned all the way in, vs. out? Just curious.

Good luck,

Gryf Ketcherside

Hi Gryf,

Yes the cable adjuster is at its limit and the lever is probably on the last notch. There wasn't much difference between the old one and the new.It seems the rods are too long. I guess I could cut the ends and shorten them and then weld a new stopper on the ends, effectively shortening the rods. That seems a better way than shortening the cable at the lever end though it is something to look at again.
j wilbye

Hi JW, what you describe is exactly what myself and others have done with that Moss cable. It's a bad pattern. The rod across the back of the car is too long and needs to be around 1" shorter.
I cut the crimped nipple off one end, cut the rod down by an inch, drilled the nipple through then brazed it back on.
Sorts the issue out easily - I've done the same mod for two other people as well so it does work well.
I think that whoever is making the cables for Moss are using the wrong pattern length.
Bob T

Thanks Bob, I experimented with the old rod. I can put a thread on the rod and use two corresponding nuts. I presume I can weld the final nuts to the rod as I don't have any brazing equipment.
j wilbye

Just pretended it fitted :)

same problem here, with a cable supplied by sussex classics (who i always use) so I expect its from the same maker as the moss units.

Im going to do the same as mentioned above, its the rod thats too long across the car
D Tetley

Thanks guys, Marked the rod 25mm down. I removed the nipple drilled it out cut the rod, then threaded the rod and the nipple using my Lidl's tap/die set.Added another nut for good measure and then welded the end of the rod to make sure it all stayed on. The adjuster is now about half way and the handbrake goes up about 4 notches.
j wilbye

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