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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - midget 1500 sports exhaust

Can anyone recommend a good sports exhaust system for a midget 1500 ?
D Stratton

nobody ?
D Stratton

I run the MOSS GT sports exhaust which is pretty good but of the "wake the dead" variety as far as noise is concenred. Bought mine about 7 years ago when prices were n't quite so silly.
l snowdon

Contact Kim at magic midget of course!

Sorry - struck me when outside I didn't put up the link and then call rather than email - and he's got loads of things that aren't on there .....:)

Hey D,

No point recommending a sports exhaust for a 1500, it's not a sports car. :).

Only joking. :)
Lawrence Slater

If you are going to do a sports exhaust are you going to do a gas flow head? If so then 4-2-1. Here in sunny South Africa gas flow head plus 4-2-1 =R9000 +- $1000 or +- 700 pounds. Then you need to look at the needles of the carb as the car will need richer needles, then all of a sudden you are looking at weber carbs and then the final look (or it should be the first) is the bank balance. So, coincidentally tomorrow I will collect my 1500 from the local exhaust shop who made up a stainless steel pipe from just past the standard manifold down the length of the midget without a primary and a big box at the end. Old exhaust pipe met the pavement a month back.
Mark Wilson

Lawrence, LOL!!
Arie de Best

I'm talking to the guy who made the exhaust for my F about making one for the Midget. He's looking into it at the moment - but it will take a while as he is a bit OCD about development!

I love my F exhaust - it sounds like Alan Rickman would sound if he were a straight-though stainless steel sports exhaust, and burbles and pops like a mad thing on over-run. Apparently "Old Bs blat around making a sound like spanners being flushed down a drain" - so I await his thoughts on the perfect Midget sound with great interest!

The best manifolds are made by Phoenix since they replicate the original Le Mans set up by having a flange linking the Primaries that bolts to the Cylinder Head - ie they are a single piece manifold as opposed to every other type that is a 2 piece manifold.

Historically I have sourced manifolds via Rimmer Brothers. These are 2 piece manifolds and care has to be taken to locate the Primaries for the centre cylinders accurately (ie Cyls 2 and 3) because the nature of the Triumph manifold clamps means that there can be some side to side motion here. I cure this by putting blobs of weld either side if the flange here and then grinding them such that the flange locates accurately within the flange for Primaries 1 and 4.

I notice, however that the Phoenix has come down in price relative to the Rimmers manifold (which IIRC is a Falcon design) so would recommend spending the extra 15 GBP and getting one of these.

With the 1500 the FIRST point of tuning is the Manifold, the stock Cyl Head is actually not THAT bad for fast road work.
Deborah Evans

Personally I feel that the Moss manifold is a rip off - just compare the price of it to their Spitfire manifold!

While the Midget manifold is easier to fit, the Spitfire manifold is superior because it has better Primary and Secondary lengths/bores.
Deborah Evans

At first I had a Peco Rally exhaust and manifold on mine, not bad on sound but not impressive either.
No clue what it did for perfomance besides its gigger bore/size pipe.

Then when the Peco went kaput I got a Maniflow manifold and custom made Stainles Steel system with 1 pot + flexible pipe-bit.
Great performance, ground clearance and sound.
Its now under Rolf's midget.
Arie de Best

Deborah , would you say that i'd be as well to replace the standard midget 1500 manifold with a standard spitfire 1500 manifold ?
D Stratton

The stock Spitfire 1500 manifold and down pipes are certainly better than the stock 1500 Midget set up (which is exactly the same as the Herald). However there is one problem with the Spitfire system in that there is a joint between the primaries and secondaries with a gasket. Any wear to the studs here and the gasket will blow and keep blowing.

In terms of cost effectiveness I'd go for a proper tubular set up.
Deborah Evans

Thanks deborah
D Stratton

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