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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Midget 1500 Workshop Manual

Hi everyone

Does anybody know where I can get a workshop manual for the midget 1500, preferably free!

I have no problem paying for one if need be.

Thanks guys

R Williams

Have you tried Haynes?
JB Anderson

I have a Haynes manual; it's just a bit vague on occasion.

The workshop manual apparently has more detail in them.
R Williams

What about here then?
I use the bottom one.
JB Anderson

Try searching Amazon.
They have manuals but the link I posted did not work.
I use the second bottom one on the first Midget page.
I'll try again:
JB Anderson

I started with the Haynes book originally, but as it covers the entire production run from Frogs to Rubber Bumpers, I often found myself digging through irrelevant info to find the 1500 stuff I actually needed.

So I eventually picked up the Leyland manual for the 1500, and was going to post a link to it... but I'm starting to wonder if it's gone out of print, since I can't find the exact item anywhere.

That said, there's this:

It's pricey, but is probably the same manual I have, and includes the owner's handbook.

PS: Here's the one I have. I'd recommend looking for a used one...


Gryf Ketcherside


If you follow the correct third link I put up, the Amazon one, you will find it leads to the same manual as Gryf suggests but with UK pricing.

It lacks photographs but can be used in conjunction with the Haynes manual if required, which as you know does have basic photographs.

The UK price is not too bad even for a new one.
JB Anderson

As well as, if not instead of a manual, get a parts catalogue from Moss or one of the other suppliers. There is a lot of information in the catalogue and the drawings will tell you a lot. For manuals, look on e-bay, there are always lots of used ones there often at very reasonable prices.

Oh, and get a Handbook too!

with free you usually get what you paid for

I'm not sure what the problem is unless this listing is for something that isn't available, why not just buy Ref: 0018 on this link -

and Guy has an excellent idea to get the Driver's Handbook that shows you how to do a lot of the servicing work as well as loads more info that an owner needs and not in a workshop manual - (Ref: 0058) -
Nigel Atkins

There is no problem as the manual I originally gave a link to keeps getting new mentions so I think Rylan will know which to get by now just by repeat suggestions.
The problem could be the cost I suppose, but it is worth it.
JB Anderson

JB, you have a good point

a quick note, and Iím not a criticising you just letting you know - the Amazon search links seem to be too convoluted to get to your recommendation

considering the full period of ownership of the car £25 isnít a lot to invest and itíll probably pay for itself in what it saves and prevents plus £25 isnít a lot to spend on the ownership and running of a car anyway

and £8 is an even better investment
Nigel Atkins

Yes Nigel it all went pear shaped.

I found the Amazon page, with the manual listed on the first page, and quite obvious what it was, then some gremlin got into my computer and the wrong link appeared in my reply post.

By the time I had fixed the problem the manual was now on the second or third Amazon page at the same link, and now it has gone even further into obscurity, so the MGOC link is probably the safest.

I wish I hadn't tried to be helpful now, seemed a good idea at the time!
JB Anderson

you were still helpful and the link was still helpful showed a load of interesting MG books too

search links tend to be pretty active which is why I try to pin down the link to the item but this BBS is quite sensitive about where it will go and the technical reasons are well beyond me

I'm very often caught out here by the limited editing time, by the time I've checked the links work I've run out of time to make sense of the gobblygook I've typed
Nigel Atkins

just remembered - this represents better monetary value if you don't mind the information in an electronic format rather than the more convenient printed paper

it has original factory workshop manual(s), parts catalogue(s) and Driver's Handbooks

(link is slow but it does get there in the end)

Nigel Atkins

Got mine from Sussex Classic Car Parts - about 20 quid. I find it fills in the gaps left in Haynes
Nigel Axtell

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