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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - MIDGET LETTERS

I am looking for the measurement for drilling for the midget letters on the sills dose anyone know where i can get them
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

See archive.

Anthony Cutler

Alternatively, I've got a template for each side which was sent to me by Tim Hipkiss in Devon in about 1993. I've used them twice now, but won't be doing it anymore, so they are yours for free if you want them. Email your address to me at geoffreydottymearsatskydottycom and I'll post to you.
Geoff Mears

Seconding Anthony, somebody posted a drawing with all the relevant dimensions a while back. Hopefully you can poke the archives until it falls out. ;-)


Gryf Ketcherside

Most reputable suppliers should provide you with a paper template when you purchase the letters.


Hope this helps. I found it in the archives.

Jon Saylor

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