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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Midget Mk2 Horn Push

Hello Members,

yesterday on a short drive I was using my horn, and unfortunately the button got stuck in the steering wheel.

When I took it off I found out that the white plastic holding the button to the wheel broke off.

You can see it in the pictures via this link:

Does someone know where I can find an original replacement? I need to have one soon, as the horn has to work again when I view the car to austrian MOT!

WB Bankowski

Can you glue it back - at least for the short term?

Other than that then you could try someone like Richard Woolley in the classifieds, he usually has a good range of parts.
PN Sellen

@PN Sellen:

Where would I find the "classifieds" section?
WB Bankowski

If you click on the WWW Enthusiasts logo at the top left of this screen, then click on "classifieds" and select "parts for sale" and in the "UK" then it should come up with a selection of advertisers.

Quite often Richard Woolley will be advertising there.
PN Sellen

alternatively, click classifieds at top right in the MG ENTHUSIASTS BBS dropdown.
graeme jackson

Thank you!

In the meantime - I welcome everyone, who has a matching horn push for sale!
WB Bankowski

I've seen a few go on eBay since christmas. They usually go for about 40 but for that you get the horn push, spring and canister inside the steering wheel. The ones I have seen showed lots of wear.

I should imaging time makes the plastic brittle so a replacement would only be temporary.

It would be a good project for someone into 3D printing. Any takers?

Rob aka MG Moneypit

How about making a replacement part -- out of metal? ;).
Lawrence Slater

There's a couple on ebay now. Just a tad expensive though.
Lawrence Slater

Remind me to remove mine, the next time I go out and leave the roof down. At those prices, I can see it getting stolen.
Lawrence Slater

The reason those tabs snap off is because people don't realise that it's a bayonet fitting which has to be turned 1/3rd of a turn anticlockwise and they try to prise them off.

Araldite would solve Wolf's problem, and then he'd just have to be careful when removing it next time.
Bernie Higginson

Thanks for your input so far.

@Lawrence: I know that one on ebay. That guy sits in Australia ( I think). He sells them for 120+ $. So he expects it rise considerably on ebay...
You are right about them getting stolen. The last ones I saw today fetch high prices....

Id be happy to buy a few plastic or even metal rings, if there would be someone out there with enough skills to 3d print them.

Thats bettern than use 2-component glue like I did this evening....

R. Woolley btw only sells the full monty....wheel plus push plus spring. He said he wouldnt sell them bit by bit :-(
WB Bankowski

This thread was discussed on 17/03/2015

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