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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Midget speedo part number

Hi guys

I'm just getting to grips with my new midget and first task was to sort out the speedo. I fixed the wobbly needle with a new cable but notice that it still consistently reads fast.

I've got it on the table in front of me for a quick strip and clean, but on checking the part numbers I think it may not be a Midget unit. The codes on the dial are SN6144/00 and 1040tpm. This seems to be listed as from an earlier MGB.

Does anyone know the speedo part numbers for a '72 UK model RWA?

Many thanks

according to Horler it's SN6142/06
David Smith

Thank you David, much obliged.

Anyone got any tips for getting the glass out of a speedo? The surround came off easily but the glass is totally stuck...


It will be stuck to a perished rubber gasket

try gently easing the rubber (in truth a black semisolid gunk) away from the back of the glass

they DO dismantle but you do need care with sharp blades

bill sdgpm

Thanks Bill-will try not to swear if I break the glass! Luckily I saw glass as a spare part so I won't worry too much.

I could probably find you one if it breaks but I doubt if it will

they seem to separate quite well once they know you have made your mind up!!!

The speedo in my car was SN6142/00 1472

not the original fit from my car (it didnt have gauges when I saved it!) but was OK 'til I fitted the five speed

I was told that this was a Midget speedo by the donor
bill sdgpm

Late night brainwave. Used satnav's rubber suction cup on the glass. Popped straight out!!

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