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I have just started restoring 72 midget , it has dynamo and i want to change to alternator.
Should i buy correct loom for year and then convert it or is it easier to buy later loom that would use dynamo and if so what else would i have to change ?

a chaffey

you can buy the correct loom for the car already modified to suit the alternator.

IIRC they also do any other additions you may want for very keen prices.

Lyn @ Brooklands MG Centre can sort you out with the correct harness - 02890 301430 ;)

Plenty of info in the archives... conversion is very simple, as the alternator has its regulator inside.

Anthony Cutler

Why buy and bodge, when you can buy the correct product to begin with and for the same price

It may be easy to do, but modifying something is always going to be less reliable than something that is designed to work in the manner required.

If you have to buy a loom, get it for an alternator car.

If you already have a loom and want to save the penny's then modify your existing loom - just get rid of that horrible gathering of cable ends and hide them back up the loom.

I converted my old loom about seven years ago for the alternator conversion, it took about an hour and ran fine.

During my current restoration of the same car ('72 RWA) i have replaced the old loom for a later version with hazards and alternator as the original loom was in a poor condition due to previous owners mods, repairs etc.

If your current loom is in good condition and reliable then do the conversion but ensure the loose ends are correctly sealed.

If you are replacing the loom, get the one with the specs you require (hazards, alternator, fogs) and offset the cost by selling the old regultaor and dynamo.

Either way is straight forward, it just comes down to the condition of the current loom and budget.


Dave Mckay ('72 RWA)

If you want a little bit of detail with the conversion using the old loom see here on the MGCC Midget Register website, there is more than one way to skin a cat!!
Bob Turbo Midget England

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