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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Missing Exhaust Mount

For ages I have meant to sort out a low hanging exhaust and after one of the back hangers recently snapped and now repaired what I expected to be a simple task replacing the centre mount as ever appears not straight forward.

On looking at the breakdowns of a 1500 exhaust the missing mount which is the one more to the centre of the exhaust should be a mounting bracket, after checking under the car where the mounting bracket appears to be fixed is the remains of a hanger of some sorts.

Could anyone please confirm the attached is the correct area where the bracket should be mounted. As in the photo the part left connected does not appear anything like any part of the correct mount?

Tim Lynam

that's because it isn't the correct part that's a GEX (they're all or just all GEX) GEX7251 Mounting - Rubber "Bobbin" - Short thread or more likely an equivalent (part 126 on linked page)

depending on which exhaust system you have you want mounting, insulated washers, screws, bolt, washers, spacer, clamp and nyloc nut

parts 93 to 108 (not inclusive) on the bubble or parts 122 to 144 (not inclusive in the bubble on the later exhaust

I think you'd help yourself if you invested in a paper reprint of the factory Parts Catalogue - Ref: 0016 -

exhaust parts page -
Nigel Atkins

Thanks Nigel, just wanted to check that was the correct mounting point before spending ages trying to disconnect the incorrect bobbin to find later that the current one could have been used, or there was another mounting point hidden away near bye.
Tim Lynam

if you get all the right bits (or even if you skip a few) then, subject to rubbish modern rubber, that mount and fittings should hold and isolate the exhaust pipe for many years to come
Nigel Atkins

Yeah id use that... auto parts store to get some of that strapping material ... with the holes drilled 1 inch apart ... your good to go, I would have said bailing wire , but to obvious and to simple for the common man.

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