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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Mk3 Midget hood straps.

I'm refurbing the hood on my Mk3 midget rwa.The hood has three straps between the rear two bows of the frame. I presume they are supposed to prevent the bows from moving too far apart, but when the hood is erected there doesn't seem to be any need for them as the frame is self tensioning and the bows can't separate any further because of the geometry of the frame. Also they make an unsightly bump in the hood.

Has anyone dispensed with them?
If not, where can I get new ones? (Moss don't do them).
Bernie Higginson

This ought to do the trick.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks Dave. That stuff looks identical to what's on the car and a 6 a metre it's worth a try. The old stuff is perished.
Bernie Higginson

My Sprite doesn't have them, to no detriment. My Midget does have them. Maybe it's to control flapping of the roof at speed?
Lawrence Slater

Ironically the middle one on mine flaps at speed and needs anything handy being stuffed between it and the hood.
Jeremy Tickle

My'65 Sprite doesn't have them as it has a stowaway hood but I can't see how the straps would control hood flap because they are not attached to the hood.
Lawrence. Is your Sprite a mk4 with folding hood? If so and it doesn't flap, maybe I could not fit them. The frame looks to be able to control itself without them.
Bernie Higginson

Hi Bernie. Yup Mk4 folding hood. I can't remember if it ever had the straps come to think of it. I'll look later and see if the remains are there, but I don't think so.

The earlier hood frames definitely didn't have them, as the frame separates into two pieces.
Lawrence Slater

This thread was discussed on 10/07/2015

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