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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - MKIII Hood cover press studs where do they go?

I've picked up a hood cover for my cat and it has 4 press studs on straps that look like they mount to the panel behind the seats. Can someone please tell me where abouts? Should I already have holes somewhere for the studs?
Greg H

Your cat has seats? I know Tasmania has some rare animals but this sounds very strange!
Guy Weller

OK Greg, ;-)
The tails on the car hood cover (not the tails on the cat) on mine are equally spaced and fasten to press studs on the rear panel between the cockpit and the boot.
The panel has a fold line 3/4 of the way up and the studs are fastened to the lower, broader part of the panel, 1" (25mm) below the fold line. The spacing across the car matches the spacing of the tails.

HTH, Guy
Guy Weller

Does this give you any clues? ;o)

Dave O'Neill2

No cat with seats, but seats with cats. Soooo cool.

That rear panel has no fold line on my car because my car never had one and I made it up out of two panels then covered it. Although I can do 1" down from where the fold line wold be. Thanks

Greg H

It does Dave and it looks very nice. Would you mind squeezing that in the envelope with the plugs? Thanks ;)

Guy I also have a little yoda that I found him in a remote area down the south west. He good with guidance when times get a bit tough but totally useless with midgets.

Greg H

That could confuse the speed camera evidence!

If you have a DIY panel, with no crease line then you could probably put the studs slightly higher up so that the hood is held more neatly when fastened away. On mine I think the hood would be stored more neatly if the stud positions were a little higher.

You would need to try it with the hood fitted and folded to see how neat you can get it.
Guy Weller

Greg, unfortunately that is a 'library' photo. The panel is long gone!
Dave O'Neill2

This thread was discussed on 22/02/2013

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