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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Moving MIdget Seat Runners?

Have been to see and try an MG midget Mk 1V today and been quite surprised at the cramped driving position. I had one of these way back when in my 20's and simply don't remember being so tightly crushed against the door and also so poor a leg room for the brake operation!

I may have 'grown' a little wider since my youth, but my legs have'nt altered any, and I'm only 5'-10". It seemed I also had the steering wheel around 8 inches from my chest!

So - - one question please: Simply, does anyone remember any Club Members ever writing about whether one can unbolt the drivers seat, and then re-drill holes in the floor (if it's 'flat' enough , of course) so as to 'move' the seat runners both to the left slightly , and also just a bit further back to give an inch or so extra legroom?

I am sure I can't be the only potential owner who wants one but is put off by the cramped conditions, so am hoping this is an issue that's been faced and maybe overcome by many before me?

Any quick suggestions very welcome, Richard
RK Bartholomew

I'd first check that you've got the seat fully back on the runners, the back rest would be hard up against the heel(?) board. Put the seat back upright and push the base as far back as you can, there shouldn't be much space behind seat base then.

The driver's seat particularly, because it always used, can have its frame bent/twisted/distorted a little from use which can be enough to cause the seat and runner(s) to rub, catch and lock on each other.

Also check under the seat to see if there's any obstructions particularly between runner and seat frame, even a bit of cloth could be enough to cause a jam or there might be something left/rolled under there, a pleasant or unpleasant surprise.

I don't think there was officially a Mk4 I'd think of your car as a late ('79) 1500.

So what about some photos then of your new purchase. :)

Or you could fill in your 'Vehicle profile' and make it available to view. You can click on my 'View vehicle profile' and follow the link off it, see under my photo there.

Nigel Atkins

There isn't much room because they aren't big cars! :-)

I think MGF/MX5 seats are a little less bulky and allow more cockpit room.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

the driving position is the old fashion English elbows in style rather the arms stretched so the steering wheel will seem a lot nearer than you're perhaps used to.

I still think it might be that the driver's seat wasn't back far enough for some reason.

But I'm a little confused as I thought you'd bought a '79 Midget and should have had it with you by now.
Nigel Atkins

MGF seats are quite bulky, they only just fit. mgtf seats are slightly less bulky especially in the back although the back is a little higher than MGF.

MX5 seats are slightly smaller than MGTF but there isn't much in it. There are two styles, a fixed headrest type with built in speakers, and a more conventional style.

There are others that will fit.

The original ones should allow enough fore/aft adjustment for most drivers unless, as has been pointed out, the sliders don't work.

MG Moneypit

Another thought that crossed my mind was if previously Richard was used to worn out Midget seats with foams squashed and/or worn, seat diaphragm weak or broken and the Midget tried the other day had seats with new foams and/or new diaphragm then there'd seem to be a big difference until the newness settled.
Nigel Atkins

Richard I think the idea of redrilling the holes in the floor further back is a bit of a red herring. The standard adjustment should take the seat far enough back to stop against the heel board (if that is its name).
From what you say you're 3" taller than me plus I am shortish in the leg, but my (standard) seat is fully back which fits me fine.
There are much taller folk than me hereabouts who seem to have no difficulty with their Spridgets, but I admit I don't know how.

Clare for example; she's 5'11" and wears heels. Hahahaa :-)

Grey your legs can't be that short or mine are very short. I'm about an inch or so shorter than you and have my standard seat almost all the way forward. If I had the seat fully back I'd be stretching to push the clutch and accelerator pedals fully down.

People six foot plus have had Midgets, how they get out is a mystery to especially if they also have large feet.
Nigel Atkins

I guess we're all different Nigel. Maybe it's because I prefer to have the seat back pretty much bolt-upright?
Good call about big feet - mine are tiny; size 5 and a half. I can buy boys shoes and don't pay VAT!
Even as a smallish bloke I find things a bit cramped initially. I have 4 point harness and have to fasten it before I can close the door.

You can have the steering column shortened by about an inch. You can replace a dished steering wheel with a flat one. You can modify the pedals.

I used to have my seat backs very upright and then I got a belly and a bigger belly.

Wow, 5 1/2 that is small feet, I'm 6 1/2 extra wide feet but have to buy 7 extra wide as I buy less expensive shoes now. I've know two chaps that wore size 6 but they were very dapper so not extra wide fitting.

If my feet were your size I'd topple over, or weeble.

In a couple of cars I've put the seat belt on and then not beeen able to reach to put the ignition key in because I'd not moved the seat.

When loading passengers I've found quite a few cars that need the door open to fit the harness - even some without doors!
Nigel Atkins

Definitely something not quite right with the original situation.

I can drive dad's car with its standard seats.

I've got Sparco Sprint seats in mine with 6 pt harness.

I've had MGTF seats in and fitted fine.

I'm 6ft 4 with a 37.5 inside leg and take a size 11. I'm 14 stone now and a year ago I was 17 stone but still fitted.

I've backspaced the steering wheel which has helped.
Rob Armstrong

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