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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Mystery parts

Anyone know what these are? Found them in a box full of sundry Frogeye / midget light parts. They are made of glass and approximately half inch / 20mm wide at base.

Nick P

They look a bit like front indicator lenses, but clear, not orange.
Malcolm Le Chevalier

No idea what they are, but how beautifully made are they with their little ears so you can engage the apparent bayonet fitting at the base.

Given the size I would have to guess number plate light or sidelight. Seems to small for any indicator bulb to fit inside.
G Hawkins

They fit over the front indicator bulbs, but inside the glass front that covers the complete indicator and side light unit. Usually, as Malcolm says, they are orange, at least for the UK market cars.

They would appear - from the size given - to be too small for the front indicators. Wrong shape and colour, too.

Don't know what they are, though.
Dave O'Neill 2

look like covers from oven lamps
mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

Guy's onto it - inside the front indicator lens
I've only seen orange ones here, but maybe off a US car
I think they had clear indicators on the front

William Revit

Im going with nipple suckers...

thwt said there is a lip with a cut away that would indicate there are pushed down then twisted into place

they dont go on the midget or sprite

if you blow the photo up... you can see the tops have a nipple peak

im almost thinking there some kind of lens for a flashlight ... aka torch for the uk players


Could they be the number plate light covers?

Dave Brown

I would say Dave is right, they look like number plate light covers
Here's a picture of mine


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