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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Nearside Door Drop Glass

I had a problem with my nearside door drop glass which became detached from the carrier. When I investigated it was clear the carrier was very corroded so I replaced it and the rubber insert. I have just reassembled it and I have two problems. When I wind the window down there is a sticky point when the glass is down about 4 inches from its highest position and the glass sometimes pulls out of the carrier. It just seems the glass is tight in the channels. The second problem occurs when the glass is wound fully down and the top of the glass goes below the top of the door. I don't remember it going down this far before I stripped it out but I am pretty sure I have reassembled it correctly. In the archives I have seen reference to a bottom stop although I cannot see where it would fit. The other cause of potential confusion is that the doors may well be from an earlier year as they have chrome window winders and I believe my car, early 1969, should have black plastic ones.
All thoughts and advice will be gratefully received.
Ray Rowsell

1. the vertical guides are adjustable, slacken off a bit and work the window until free then tighten the guides.
2. there's a stop to prevent the glass going down that far, I guess you can't have it fitted correctly.
David Smith

Ray, Is the other door o/k ?....If so I would have a look in there to find the bottom stop & double check everything else is in the correct place.

Are the plastic & chrome winders interchangable ?
They could well have been changed if the plastic ones broke or just because the PO liked chrome.

Alan Cotterill (1972 standard 1275 )

Thanks David, I will search under the Waxoil to find the adjusters. I may dig out my parts catalogue to find a drawing. I don't remember removing a down stop when I stripped it but I will check. Like many of these jobs it was a few weeks ago when I stripped the window out and memories are funny things!
Alan. Good idea, I will check the other door. I don't know if the winders are interchangeable I just read somewhere (on here?) that mine are "wrong" I like the chrome so it's only relevant to this problem if the window winder mechanisms are different from year to year
Ray Rowsell

window stops here, they are sloped but that doesn't show in photo -

window winder handle are interchangeable, IIRC the plastic ones are a safety item with snap off in an accident
Nigel Atkins

Thanks Nigel,
I certainly didn't remove those when I replaced the glass carrier. I now know what I am looking for.
Ray Rowsell

mine had blocks of wood with felt on top glued to the bottom of the doors, very effective but they weren't sloped so not full support

you'll see which way round they fit as you lower the window and the screw holes in the bottom of the doors, about three quarters of the way back from the front (hinge end), screws go from bottom up to inside door to the captive washers

you can get non-s/s from the usual suppliers

whilst you're there you can fit the regulator stop that stop the window winding too high, I had to use a bolt but I think you might still be able to the the actual part
Nigel Atkins

Thanks, Nigel,

No progress yet as I have the builders in!! I have the top regulator stop which for a while I thought I had fitted wrong. That's been refitted and does indeed, after proper adjustment, stop the window at the correct height. I still cannot work out why, prior to dismantling, the window did not go down as low as it does after reassembly. I suspect it something to do with the cleaning and adjustment I did to the mechanism as it was very stiff before my problems started.
Ray Rowsell

I often say that most servicing and a lot of repairs boil down to cleaning and lubing and this applies to many items

I even needed to do it to the fridge-freezer last Sunday - it stopped working to the panic and delight of my wife as she wants a new one but after pulling it out and thoroughly cleaning off many years of dust and fluff from the cooling radiator/grill/thing and it worked again and it now seems quietier, I supposed it overheated because it had a thick fluff jacket on during one of the hottest days of the year
Nigel Atkins

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