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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Need a used/recon disc type rear axle...?


I'm new to the forum so I apologise in advance if I do something wrong! Basically, I'm looking for a used or recon. disc type rear axle for my '67 midget. I have one for wire wheels that is worn that I would be happy to exchange if anyone would be up for that?

I can provide more info if needed and can't wait to answer my first thread!


Josh Spooner

I believe we have a spare rear disc setup in the workshop

Give myself 07554 004560 or Will 07974 224191 on thursday.


if you want one a little closer than overseas (!) then I have one up the road in berkshire, email me
David Smith

I'm very confused by this

Does Josh mean he wants an axle for steel disc wheels? (instead of for the wire wheels axle he has)

Or is he asking for an axle modified to fit rear disc brakes?

Confused, I am...

oh yes

Hi Josh hope you enjoy coming here

some of us seem to never go home

welcome aboard
Bill 1

since he mentions having a wire axla as a swop i would bet he needs an axle for diskwheels
Onno Könemann


Yeh Bill I do indeed need a disctype rear axle - I have the wire wheel one to swap as Onno says. Sorry I didn;t make it very clear - this is exactly what I meant in my first post!

I really appreciate all the posts so far and am following them up so please do keep them coming!

Thanks again SOO much!

Josh Spooner

Josh I emailed you yesterday...
David Smith

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