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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Negative camber

Whats the most cost effective way of getting some negative camber to the front end of my frogeye. Cant afford a frontline conversion yet, so is it special trunions or offset bushes. Any tips . Thanks roy
R Mcknight

1. Shorter springs.

2. Negative camber trunnions. Peter May supplies these.
Deborah Evans

the most cost effective way?

stack up washers under the dampers to raise them up about 3/8" (and get longer bolts).

It is best to measure what you've got when you are done, just to make sure you've hit your camber target, and equally on both sides, because depending on your spring height, "your actual mileage may vary".

Norm Kerr

other than the washers (witch changes more than just the camber imo)

negative camber trunnions
lowering kit

total cost 110 pounds

FL kit 382 pounds

diffrence 272 pounds

but to compare you must calculate that the FL kit in essence also has
Front damper top link kit 179 pound

so the diffrence then is 93 pounds

and then you still have your old leverarms.

i am not saying a upgraded lever arm setup is bad
certainly not
it just is not cheaper than the FL kit

if you can not afford it now i would suggest save up.
even without negative camber a midget is still fun to drive.
Onno Könemann

I've tried offset bushes and negative camber trunnions, and I prefer the latter for everyday (fast) road use.

l snowdon

The offset bushes I have used had a distressing tendency to rotate under load, resulting in the camber being at the worst possible setting under any given circumstance. The upper trunnions would be better, IMHO.

Don't forget that you can also achieve the desired result with the correct set of Barry King's wishbones.
David "Just don't do the wishbones and the FL kit and the upper trunnions and the offset bushings ;-)" Lieb
David Lieb

As previously mentioned we do have some new negative camber wishbone sets available 2x -2.5 degrees and 2x 3.0 degrees last of some old stock thanks Barry King 07774 729369
bp king

I've always thought that increasing the height of the damper brings the two arms more parellel and must reduce the roll enduce camber change when the suspension is compressed.

I had a set of offset bushes, but the camber change wasn't great (a degree?), I believe offset trunnions gives substantaily more ~2 degrees?

Of course the alteration at the wishbone also sneaks a bit more track incraese in than the trunnion change, although...minimal!

James Eastwood

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