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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - new member saying 'Ey-up!'

Hi everyone, I'm newly joined here & about to embark on the mammoth task of my 1970 midget, I've had it 10 years & did a bit of work on it before, just enough to get it an MOT & tax disc, I then sold my house (& large garage) so the midget went into a girlfriends garage..... a girl who I subsequently split up with shortly afterwards, I then embarked on a transient lifestyle, bouncing around various countries & generally having fun, 8 years later, I'm a house owner again, the midget was assumed lost.
A few weeks ago, my son was passing the ex's garage & had a sneaky peek inside (it never did lock!!!) lo & behold, my midget was still there, nothing had been moved since pushing her in, a swift recovery was sorted & she now resides at my new home. In the boot I found everything I'd left in there, from tools to a new set of carpets I'd bought, even better, in the passenger seat was my MIG & CO2 bottle!
She hasn't suffered too badly from the years of isolation, the rear of the garage was open (the wall fell down before she went in) so the underneath is a bit crunchy, a new coil, plugs & points, a borrowed battery from my 22 year old sons MG ZR (it's in the blood) & she fired up on the button.
I've already posted on here regarding my wire wheels rubbing the brake calipers (still on-going) but thought I'd say "hello" properly, no doubt you'll be getting many more questions thrown from my direction..... the first one being how do I post an image?


Hi Paul, seen your other post, Ithink, under a different name(?) good luck with it

To get a photo up (only 1 per post):

see below white text box,
Upload a picture

just click on Upload

another box appears, click on Browse... button

when you've found what you want click on Submit>> button

and them the usual Submit button below white text box

If you've not already got them the owners Handbook (Ref: 0057) -


(factory) Parts Catalogue - (Ref; 0016)

will be very useful to you (note free internet parts lists are available but I think the paper (factory) one is better for reference)

I can post a copy of my usual advice to new owners if you want your memory refreshing

good luck with the car
Nigel Atkins

Forget the how to pic and the wire wheels issue!!!

We want to hear more about the details of of the midget recovery and that 1st converstation with the X after 8 years of "going out for a pack of smokes , ill be back soon. Lol.

"Hello, remember me?, they where out of marboros, btw...can i have my car back"....haha,

yeah you sorta forgot the details of that part of your above introduction and posting

Im pretty sure thats a new one here.


I thought he have quite a lot of detail on that:

a girl who I subsequently split up with shortly afterwards,

She hasn't suffered too badly from the years of isolation

She hasnt suffered to badly from all the years of isolation....

I wonder how many cats she had to collect for that to happen

It realy is spring time!

Welcome and have fun resurecting the midget
Onno Könemann

Reading between the lines "a sneaky peek inside (it never did lock!!!)" and "a swift recovery" me thinks he may have been a bit too scared to ask for it and it went by stealth. Garage storage for 8 years would not be cheap.
Greg H

Firstly I'd like to appologise for posting this in the "Technical" section rather than the "General" threads, if someone can move it over I'd be gratefull.

Thanks for the advice and those links Nigel, I was planning on renovating my house first, but the Midget sitting outside in the sunshine is more of a pull than ripping plaster off walls! (come to think of it... working on the midget in pouring rain is still more of a pull than DIY!!!)
As for using a different name..... this woman wasn't the only one who I did a vanishing act on... I did do a lot of travelling over the past 8 years.... keeping a low profile may be a good idea for a while!!!!

The recovery story isn't as exciting as it could be, Greg hit it on the button, the garage it was stored in is a block of 6, seperate to the houses, so I was able to recover the car without any problems, my ex is as good looking as any MG, but equally as much trouble and as high maintenance, she sent me a text 7 years ago asking me to shift the car... so I did... eventually!


Lol wimp!!!

Start a new thread but most read both.

Nice car - good luck with it

Flyster, Welcome to this wonderful BBS....!

The story of the recovery of the Midget is rather dampened by your second posting, I prefered the first, letting the imagination work wonders...!

Hi maintainance chicks can be hard work, but they can also be worth the effort, the question is, did she like the car..?

You'll find a strong contingent of Midget and Sprite lovers in the North Yorkshire area, I'm sure some will have already been in touch via this BBS.

We'll be enjoying a few pints in Blind Jacks (Knaresborough) on the 4th June if you fancy popping by and saying hello... you'll meet a few fellow owners there too.

Take care and enjoy...

M T Boldry

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