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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - New Project


Just started thinking about a new project, planning to keep the sebring but fancy building something different to it, something can put the roof down on

Thoughts so far which i would welcome any opinion on / problems i may face

Engine conversion with cosworth engine (N/A not turbo) looking at 230 bhp on throttle bodies

Type 9 gearbox

Unsure about axle , would try to keep spridget with LSD and uprated halfshafts id could handle power if not atlas axle

Uprated front back brakes (thinking KAD 4 post as my sebring build and poss disks on back )

Interior mainly standard

Removable one piece front poss, not decided on frogeye or spridget body as yet

Just started to get bits for it concentrating on engine so can get mounts mocked up and see if do-able , cant find a cosworth midget anywhere but have seen the MGB that Chris Fall built

Andy Sebring

I'm sure I've seen a 4wd Cosworth Midget a few years back.

A friend of mine has a K series Midget with a Ford axle so could probably get you some photos of that set up if you decide to go that route. Obviously much stronger and better choice of ratios etc.

How about an S2000 engine and box?! About 230 bhp, N/A, 6 speed box and reliability as standard!
john payne

THoughts: Frog would be the more appropriate conversion. It's value is going to be higher compared with a similar spec later car and since you are going to be doing a lot of major replacement parts anyway, starting with a basket case is less of an issue.
Graeme Williams

Have you posted on or the K Series facebook group. There is plenty of non-K conversion experience represented on both.
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

Hi Andy

What about building a standard bodied Sebring this time, retaining the 1960s looks but with a K Series and Ford Type 9 five speed box, or a Kent Auto Developments (KAD) 16 valve A Series engine conversion?

Something looking like:

(As well as the Mk1 cars in:, in particular WYT 381 which looks like a mini Big Healey:

M Wood

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