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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - new stainless grille

Hi All, thought you might like to see my new addition, put it on this afternoon, I'm pleased with it good fit and very well made, the only problem is because midget bonnets hang at an angle when I close the bonnet you can see it sits slightly higher on left side as you look at it, any suggestions as to how I can get it to sit in, or has the bonnet got a bit of a twist?

see pics.

J Torrance

If your Midget is similar to mine, the rubber bonnet bumpers screw in and out so you can adjust the alignment.

That said, it's rare for these panels to align perfectly!


Gryf Ketcherside

that really looks nice... gryf is correct about the rubber bonnet disk... at least here in the usa

numbers 4 aand 5


In that photo the whole fit looks a little foward too
and of course side gaps uneven

You could try adjusting at the hindges but you could spends hours at it and still not get there or even made it worse

Instead sit in the driver's seat - and go for a drive :)
Nigel Atkins


Now that you mention it, it does look like he is missing that bonnet side of the 4 piece surround section... aka tha piece of chrome that fits on the bottom of the bonnet at the nose, I wonder if that wouldnt correct every thing.


Prop, J,

I wasn't meaning to be critical I just meant Spridget bonnets don't ever seem to be a perfect fit probably the single strut that holds it opens doesnít help

That grille in a debumpered car of that colour looks good

Difficult to tell from a photo Prop but I think the chrome bonnet under and edge trim could be there just the bonnet may be a little too far forward but it might be more effort than itís worth to correct it and most Spridgets bonnets are not best fit
Nigel Atkins

sorry J,

If we are critical, Its only because we are jealous and envious of you...haha (you havent forgotten high school already have you?)

It really only matters to you, and our opinion dosnt matter, esp considering we havent given you a dime to have a say in the outcome of your car

although rach is the exception...You always want to do as she says...LOL

But it does look nice


Thanks G, Prop, Nigel and any others who might take part in this chat, I'll give the rubber stops a go, don't think I want to touch hinges,now the bonnet closes nicely, I agree the single strut does not help, puts too much strain on bonnet, it's no wonder it sits high that side, and your right, I'll go top up with petrol and go for a drive nice day in the new forest, thanks for the help guys, aometimes the forum conversations are crazy, but also funny and I love it, keep up the good work.

cheers Jack.
J Torrance

I was looking at these grilles on fleabay last week. Ashley hinton aren't they? He's already bunged the BIN price up a couple of quid. I think though I'm going back to my original plan of painting the old grille in the candy red body colour I'll be using and setting it off with the surround nicely polished.
Does this grill come with a badge?

graeme jackson

I had this problem. I think you may find that the rubber buffers (item 6 in the Moss catalogue cited by Prop)do not actually reach/press on the slam panel when the bonnet/hood is closed. Even screwing them out was insufficient in my case. What I did was to glue two small rubber disks (about 1 inch in diameter and around 1/4 inch thick) on the slam panel immediately under the rubber buffers. These meant that when the bonnet/hood was closed the buffers actually pressed on something. Obviously the buffers do not need to be screwed out so much and by careful adjustment the bonnet/hood could be adjusted to sit straight. When the bonnet is open the disks look like they are supposed to be there so they are not unsightly.
Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

Thanks Chris, I'll have a look at that, yes Graeme they are Ashley Hinton, really well made, no badge, I can use the one of my old grill if needed.

cheers Jack.
J Torrance

Thank all for your help, adjusted the bonnet stops and hey presto have nice even fit, feel a bit stupid I did'nt think of it, but eh! I don't know everything, but I tell the wife and children I do!

cheers Jack.
J Torrance

Hi All The Grille can come with a badge and a stainless steel mounting for MG badge can add
I put the grille on ebay without the badge as some ebayers have a Austin Healey Sprite and that badge is on the bonnet
If you need to know more about the this Grille I make you can always call me on 01372 456304 work tel number weekdays Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm GMT
Note if you guys send a e-mail to me, I do get 250 off e-mails a day so can miss some e-mails ok
Regards to all Ashley Hinton
A Hinton

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