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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Nigel Consulting the Drivers Handbook

It is good to see Nigel again. he was a little unhappy to use our Bentley version of the Handbook as it is full of Americanese :) I am pretty sure he was using American metric spanners as well!

Peter Burgess Tuning

Is that really our Nige? Brilliant!
Malcolm Le Chevalier

Now Peter's being a bit naughty as that's not a copy of 'the' Driver's Handbook. I think it was a copy of some sort of workshop manual as I couldn't follow it at all and none of the American AF metric spanners the book quoted would fit!

Plus I'm trying to mention the good book as little as possible since the time limit on royalties passed.

Also Peter, I was right, me leaving the front air filter off for the drive home did work, it meant the front carb got a little more air and a little quicker so improved acceleration response.

Tomorrow I'll try putting the front filter back on and removing the rear filter instead to see if that retards acceleration response.

I'm just sorry you questioned my theory and wasn't able to give any more time on the rollers to prove this, perhaps next time(?)
Nigel Atkins

Peter Burgess Tuning

Nigel, I thought you didn't like getting your hands dirty?
Dave O'Neill 2

I don't, filters and spanners were all very clean not that I could use those spanners, I just used my fingers as they're multi-fit.

And before you ask, the good book doesn't cover K&N filters as they weren't a factory fit.

And anyway although Peter was polite I could tell he had no faith in my idea (at the time, surely different after my drive home and report here).
Nigel Atkins

I've copied the picture for facial recognition machines at the airport using airport transfers tunbridge wells in case Nigee tries to escape his native Island.

Ha! we've got you now Nigee!

Nice Job Peter....this guys been on the loose for long time! :-)

Yepp ... 2 spanners are better then 1


it looks like a great time by all

Prop and the Blackhole Midget


Does this mean you are now happy to recommend the downloadable free versions of some Driver's Handbooks that are available, just so people follow the good book (Sprite/midget Mark number appropriate of course)

M Wood

'the Donald' certainly wouldn't let me in your land, I hope this doesn't gain him any votes though.

Funnily enough I don't think I've ever been to an airport so your precaution is redundant I'm afraid and that photo totally distorts my handsome facial features I might sue Peter for his photoshopery.
Nigel Atkins

I was lent three American AF metric spanners as quoted in that book and none of them would fit my UK car. I don't think our imperial spanner sizes could have been fully understood by the spanner manufacture.

I'm beginning to wonder if the book and spanners were just handed to me to keep me distracted from my theory(?).
Nigel Atkins

sorry I forgot to reply to you. Well that's sort of me, it's not a me I recognize. As I put to Steve I'm not too happy with Peter altering my image somehow.

Either that or he takes a (very?) unflattering photo(?). ;)
Nigel Atkins

Hi Mike,
an appropriate electronic version of the good book is far better than having nothing (and perhaps better than having some other publications in whichever form) but in many ways a printed paper copy is better than in electronic form. For a start you don't need a power supply, charged battery, correct lighting to see the screen, a bulky and heavy machine that is hard to rest many places easily, etc. etc..

I have always recommended an electronic form of the good book (on the DVDs) but they're best really in addition to a printed paper copy of the good book which you could keep in the car if you wanted and if it gets lost or stolen (by the envious no doubt) then it's not expensive to replace.
Nigel Atkins


Word smithing...

The Donald has no say Nigel...your welcome over here anytime.

I have to your body language in that seem to be looking at those spanners like their some type of space aliens.

Nice to see you expanding your horizons to something beyond an owners manual! :-)

those spanners were alien to this land and the book was in a foreign language, I was confused and petrified.

Some spanners had slots others had circles, it was all beyond me, I only have one adjustable spanner (wrench) at home so that's all I'm used to.

I'm not doing that type of thing again, I tried, and nothing got broke and no one hurt (and only one fitting lost) but it's not for me.
Nigel Atkins

Quite right Nigel. Spanners have either an open end or are a ring spanner, anything else is unnatural.
J Tickle

Nigee.....did your hair go white from fright? Or did you grow old watching Peter work his magic?

What, there are two types of spanner, I never knew, mine just has a twirly thumb bit on it to change it.

My hair isn't white it's just light flair on the photo and it was Peter that grew old waiting for me to finish the simple task.
Nigel Atkins

From the way Nigel is holding the spanners l think he is using them as divining rods. But l doubt that metric ones would work as well as imperial ones anyway.

I don't think even divine intervention would have been able to help me.
Nigel Atkins

Oh yes.....I could! I would have brought some bigger wrenches and some hair dye! You would have been a red head carrot top for the week!

The only colour I've considered dying my hair is white but that was when my hair was black. Now my hair is white with some black still, so grey (except a bit of white at the sides).

I did dye my hair black a few years ago to go to a western themed fancy dress party as a Mexican, please don't tell Donald though as I'm no good at bricklaying either.
Nigel Atkins

Well here you are in The Donald's favorite color!


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