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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Nitrile protective gloves. Black Mamba

I've been trying different protective gloves.

I've tried 2 different brands of Blue nitrile gloves.

These are the cheapest I found, that seem to last reasonably well. I bought a cheaper pair, different brand, that ripped after about 30 mins. So these seem pretty good value.

But then I was told about BLACK MAMBA Nitrile gloves.

They are more expensive, but they do last longer because they are thicker. But even though they are thicker, they still afford good sensitivity. The downside is the colour, because you can't see how grimey they are if you are going to touch a clean surface.

I bought one pair for 1.99 post free as a test. But when all my blue gloves are gone, I'll buy 100(50 pair) black mamba in the future to replace them.

Lawrence Slater

The listing says they are over 6mm thick, wow! That's twice as thick as my wellies.
Jeremy Cogman

That's a mistake. Not sure how thick they are, but def' thicker than the blue. My test pair lasted 3 days use, and only ripped when I snagged them on sharp edges. Once they do rip, they are about the same as the blue, but they are definitely tougher.
Lawrence Slater

Carrying out a messy job I will change my cheap and cheerful gloves about three times, not because of any tearing, but just because they get clarted up with grease and, well, clart! Expensive ones aren't going to keep any cleaner, although at that price perhaps the butler or house maid could wipe the grease of first.
Graeme Williams

Hand condoms Phiff !!!

Real men always bareback !


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

For the REALLY messy jobs, I've got a pair of very thick, resistant to everthing except fire, rubber overgloves that I shove on over the nitriles. But they are only good for cleaning. Can't feel a bloody thing in them. I find I can keep the blue nitriles fairly clean with a clean rag every now and then.

I was always a bareback rider Prop, but lately a bit of derma on my hands seems to have set in, and anyway, frankly, I got fed up scrubbing the f*ck out of my hands to clean them afterwards. Modern swarfega just doesn't seem to be so good, and it takes less time to keep them clean, than it does to get them clean.
Lawrence Slater

The ONLY modern hand cleaner that does clean them for me is called Swoop

It was the hand cleanser the AA supplied and since I retired I have replaced theirs with some I paid for myself

Brilliant stuff, I have often used it to remove oil and grovel from shirts to keep them looking tidy when at work

Reminds me, I need to get some more

I hate that stuff with little orange gravel in it and Swarfega isnt what it was back in the day

Bill sdgpM

Hate wearing gloves, except for welding.

Favourite hand cleaner. Terrific stuff. Haven't tried Swoop tho.

Can't stand the stink of Swarfega. Yech :-(

RS Hughes

Well when my Swarfega runs out, I'll try one of those then.

Just did a google for swoop, can't find it. Who sells it?
Lawrence Slater

I use Comma Manista from a local motor factor, find it excellent.
David Smith

Got me worried now Lawrence

I hope I can still get it

A google for Swoop hand cleaner found it straight away L

Chemsearch make it

I love the stuff, it kept my hands in good condition for years

end of advert, there's no bloomin' money in it
Bill sdgpM

I have never liked the old green swarfega, dried my hands out terribly, not keen on Comma Manista either as while it does clean well it seems to be difficult to clean off needing lots of water, when my current stock runs out I won't buy it again. My favourite is fast orange which seems to clean well and not need lots of rinsing, now a Permatex product IIRC. May give the Swoop a try and bin the Manista.
David Billington

In the breakdown van out in the sticks and no source of washing water Swoop was brilliant

Splash it over the hands then when it had cleaned the skin simply wipe away with Kimwipe

dammit there's another tradename I miss :(

Swoop is best with water but the lack of it isnt a real drawback
Bill sdgpM

Awire brush, a can of gasoline and a bic cig lighter works everytime

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

The use of gloves is convenient, but there is a product called Invisible Glove that is like a hand cream that you rub into your hands before working if you're not using gloves. I guess it sort of seals up your pores, but it makes cleaning them very easy afterwards.
Jack Orkin

I find that stuff you put on your hands before you start work leads to spannners flying all over the workshop. I used to use Manista, but since I started using Nitrile gloves I don't seem to need anything other than domestic hand wash.
Bernie Higginson

Thanks Bill.

" -- since I started using Nitrile gloves I don't seem to need anything other than domestic hand wash. -"

Exactly my findings Bernie. But there are times when you need to take the gloves off. So I'll try a tub of swoop.
Lawrence Slater

If you want to use barrier cream try Autosmart Superhands. It lasts forever as you don't need much and if you wait a couple of minutes till it soaks in it doesn't leave a residue on the surface of your hands.

Trevor Mason

Make your own "Swarfega" - from paraffin and Fairy liquid.It smells just the same!
M J Chapman

God Grief MJ!

No smoking while washing your hands - that's more or less the same as Napalm!
RS Hughes

Found Swoop. Can't find a retailer.

Emailed Chemsearch. First I had to confirm my email address to them. I asked them how much and where I could buy swoop.

They replied that they want my delivery addres before they will give me a quote.

I don't think I'll bother.
Lawrence Slater

The problem with barrier cream, and to a lesser extent with gloves, is that you have to KNOW in advance that you are going to get "messy". To some this may just be obvious, but you know what happens. You open the bonnet to take a look at the engine, and then of course you just have to check the dipstick. And before I know what has happened I suddenly find myself, oil up to my elbows, half way through an oil change which I hadn't exactly planned to do!
And then there are the occasions, always surprising, when I slowly become aware that I am lying in an oily patch under the car and at the same instant realise I am wearing my latest "best" sweatshirt bought by my wife just two days beforehand especially for "going out". Its a hazardous hobby!
Guy W

Lawrence try Brown Brothers, used to be Partco

I always get/got mine from them


In fact now that Partco Unipart has folded its tents and slipped away we might all have difficulty getting any


I will be trying Brown Bros after I return from France

If they have any I will get a couple of bottles and find out if there's a Kent-ish distributor that they know
Bill sdgpM

We used to use Swoop in the workshop and it was well thought of by the fitters. Came in bl**dy great pails though.
New Swarfega is nothing like the old stuff but on the other hand (npi!) like others have said, it doesn't dry my hands and cause eczema to break out like it did in the old days.
Beware when you try to buy Swoop, you should take care to avoid the bird food by mistake. Even so, that may be more effective than Swarfega.
Graeme Williams

Ah thanks Graeme. I thought that name sounded familiar. :).

I wonder how well dead birds perfom as rags to wipe off grease. I could use swoop to catch the, and then put them to good use. lol.
Lawrence Slater

It was the chosen hand cleanser for the whole AA patrol force, the Management tended to make good H&S choices by and large

They latterly allowed that Orangey Gravelly Manista? stuff for those with other preferences

Very few songbirds attempted to nick it out of my van

Not that kind of Swoop, even though it's name made me laugh first time I was offered it

Bill sdgpM

I use the Bilt Hamber Citrus hand cleaner -

Works well without drying out the skins etc.

I have found all their stuff that I've tried very good products.
richard boobier

Got another reply from Chemsearch.

"The price for Swoop is 150.00 for a case of 12 x 1L or 186.40 for a case of 4 x 5L.

These prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery. "

I'll probably be deay before I get through a 5L tub. Anybody want to buy a case and retail it to others?

Lawrence Slater


Anyone tried these gloves? these are the ones from Edd China from Wheeler Dealers TV show. Anyone 'Put your hand out - you have bought a box of gloves!'

Hopefully wearing these gloves does not encourage you to go for ludicrous deadlines to fix your car, or attract a strangely annoying pal to source bits and 'do a deal'. At least, as if by magic, you get a mate Paul to appear to help you out when you don these protective mitts!

On the hand cleanser front, I have found Manista with the granules effective and preferable to old or new Swarfega.

I agree about the loss of Brown Brothers/Partco/Unipart the remains of which were taken over by Europcarparts, as well as the earlier loss of LSUK (Lucas). Although the size and buying power of Partco probably was not helpful to the survival of small independent motor factors that are extinct in my part of the world.

M Wood

Nice little earner for Edd.
Can't see Fuzz Townsend getting a similar deal, his gloves are always in tatters.

I prefer the cheap vinyl versions
Not sure what use they were put to at 'an International Equestrian event' however...
Jeremy Tickle

These are another excellent Nitrile glove that I use day in day out, Ansell TouchNTuff 92-600 092-600.pdf

Freely available on ebay etc for about 12 box of 100 gloves / 50 pairs.

I think they also do a long cuff version like the orange Edd China ones.

Unlike the Black Mamba you can see how dirty they are.


Ian Webb '73 GAN5

Ian's link doesn't work, as it has a space in it.

This one doesn't work as a link, you'll have to copy and paste.
Dave O'Neill 2

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